Incognito chain’s code upgrade (tag: 20210929_4)

Hi folks,

We’ve just released a protocol upgrade for Staking Flow V3 and PRV <-> ERC20/BEP20 token bridge, the latest code is published in 2 forms:

In order for your nodes to operate correctly, please update them to the latest code. If you run pNodes or set up your vNodes by following our instructions , they should pull the latest docker image automatically. In case you encounter any issues with the code update, feel free to contact @support for assistance.



For me — the latest Docker tag seems to have
A) Caused my currently resyncing nodes to stop syncing requiring deletion of beacon data to start syncing again.
B) Broken the Node Monitor connection.

For A)

  • I confirmed the updated Docker tag had been pulled. Beacon & shard sync now stalled.
  • I restarted Docker, no change to beacon/shard sync status. Still stalled.
  • I rebooted the system, no change. Still stalled.
  • I deleted the beacon chain data and restarted Docker. Syncing but …

The new local web interface reflects the deletion of the beacon chain and resync from 1 (again).

For B)

However the Node Monitor still indicates — the now cleared beacon — as stalled and does not report the new resync from blockheight 1.

@Mike_Wagner I would like to confirm that Mike’s experience is also mine. Exactly what he describes above happened to me also once code upgrade to tag 20210929_1 occurred.

However, when using `curl -s http://my.lanip:port --data-binary ‘{“jsonrpc”:“1.0”,“method”:“getmininginfo”,“params”:"",“id”:1}’
to check my nodes directly, I can see that both beacon height and shard height are increasing which suggests the node is operating correctly, but node monitor shows them all offline at the same time. So, it is a bit confusing for this to occur with the upgrade. I will assume at this point the node monitor is problematic, not the node itself, but I am not sure. This occurred simultaneously to all three of my nodes (one pnode and two vnodes) and because of that it appears to be related to the upgrade since it is strange that all three of them happen to be showing offline in the node monitor, but all three also appear to be increasing in beacon heights.

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We’re checking how the new code affect node monitor, will update you guys once we have something.

Tag 20210929_2 - pulled about 15 minutes ago - seems to be stuck in a restarting loop.

Another full system reboot seems to have cleared the restart loop. Still not updating Node Monitor.

Nope, spoke too soon. Back to a never-ending loop of Docker restarts.

EDIT: Same for Tag 20210929_3 - pulled ~5 minutes ago. Looping on restart. Trying another full system reboot.

Hi @Socrates, the node monitor issue has been fixed, if you are on the 20210929_3 tag, you should see the correct status on node monitor by now.

Hi @Mike_Wagner, for the crash issue, please create a ticket for Support on the forum and share the content of error.log file from the crashed node, we will figure it out there.

Sorry again for the issues!


After Staking Flow V3, can we delete all the shards except one the validator runs on? Or does this feature require another update?

@abduraman, yes. I already have a draft typed up explaining the steps node operators will need to take. Just waiting to publish it after SFv3 goes live.

The steps will walk pNode and vNode operators through how to delete each un-needed shard.


@Jared look forward to seeing the draft…do have a question though…for pnode owners will the deleting of the unneeded shards be automated or will the owners have to do this themselves…reason being…concern being about pnodes not running into disk space issue and installed drives running out of space?.. :sunglasses:

As of right now, this is something that pNode operators will have to do manually themselves. We are considering ways that this could be done automatically but for ease of rollout probably manual.

SFv3 will ensure pNodes can continue to participate on the network for many years to come! :partying_face:

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@Jared, Alright bro I hear you…then please do me a favor…write up a really clear and descriptive walk thru for a pnode operator with an incognito staked pnode on how to do the upgrade to SFv3 so that even a noob like me… :blush:…lol…cannot screw it up and then have to beg for assistance from you or support and well lose our staked status on our pnodes at that…big thank you in advance… :+1: :100: :sunglasses:

Oh by the way, will this have to be done for each individual pnode also?

Hahaha :sweat_smile: Don’t worry. It’s actually SUPER easy to do for pNodes. Just some button clicks.

Yes, but I promise it’s just a few button clicks for each.

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@Jared, Bro man once again I so look forward to the guide you will be putting together for us noob users… :blush:…so that we can of course not disturb the pros like yourself…lol…and of course not keep on the dev team…but no really the point is to well have the pnode users self-address issues such as updating and maintaining their pnodes on there own so as to avoid slashing issues and well maintain a good healthy and stable network… :sunglasses: :+1:

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