Incognito chain’s code upgrade (tag: 20210810_1)

Hi folks,

We’ve just released a protocol upgrade for improving the randomness assignment rule, which will help balance out the number of validators among shards, the latest code is published in 2 forms:

In order for your nodes to operate correctly, please update them to the latest code. If you run pNodes or set up your vNodes by following our instructions, they should pull the latest docker image automatically. In case you encounter any issues with the code update, feel free to contact @support for assistance.



My docker tag on my vnode has updated to 20210815_1 . But github has not updated to this tag number yet. Is there a convenient way in this forum area to always have posted somewhere easily visible to all the latest docker tag we should have? Node monitor is also showing that I am online but code version doesn’t match the new 20210815_1 tag which isn’t visible yet on github. I know it takes time. But I am now running an updated docker tag version which at least temporarily I have no secondary OFFICIAL confirmation (or means of checking) that it is the new OFFICIAL version. It is nice to have it update all by itself (compliments to the devs), but shouldn’t there be a way to double check/confirm the update process?

Hi, all updates should be posted to the forum’s Validators category. I just got everything (forum, github and dockerhub) updated for the latest release. It was a hotfix for supporting new transaction types of Ethereum, we needed to make it fast with dockerhub’s new tag so that the network can keep going first then update for github and forum later. (since I assume that the majority of nodes will pull the latest docker tag automatically)
For the planned releases, updates for those three channels would usually happen at the same time.


@duc Thank you for the explanation.

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