Incognito chain’s code upgrade (tag: 20210630_1)

Hi folks,

We’ve just released a protocol upgrade for supporting Incognito - Binance Smart Chain bridge, the latest code is published in 2 forms:

In order for your nodes to operate correctly, please update the latest code and note that, for the pNode, it should pull the latest docker image automatically. In case you encounter any issues with the code update, feel free to contact @support for assistance.



@duc How do I understand this is the last one?
Didn’t see him here …

Basically, there was no difference in those two versions in term of code, the newer one is for enabling the new mempool. We enabled partially it on a few nodes (e.g. fullnodes, community nodes and some fixed nodes) and have been monitoring how the network works with it. Since this is quite a big change, it’s always safer to roll it out gradually. This is not an official update, that’s why I didn’t announce it on the github as well as the forum.