Incognito-chain repository: which branch can I use to start working on the code base ?


I’m trying to start working on incognito-chain repository to build missing features I need for Incscan.

It’s not easy to know from which branch I can start working. master is two months late and a lot of others branches are available.

So… which one plz? :wink:


Is this what you search?

Thanks @abduraman.

That’s not what I’m looking for :). I want to use a branch to make a clean pull request later. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to use a temporary branch for that.

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Hey @inccry ive passed down your question to the team so they can give you a proper answer.


hey @inccry, you can branch from dev/master-consensus-v2-optimized to start your development and then create PRs to merge into later. thanks.


Thanks @duc,

I asked for the good branch to use because I wanted to implement missing endpoints to get committee state by block height.

This feature has been implemented few days ago by the incognito team, that’s a great news because I can focus on Incscan :slight_smile:

hey @inccry, we just re-structured our git branches, and now for a new feature, you can branch from development that would be deployed onto our testnet 1 environment. I’m gonna remove the old branch (a.k.a dev/master-consensus-v2-optimized) because its name is pretty long and confusing.


Thanks @duc, it’s a great improvement!

Could you please explain what’s the meaning of branches (or a link to a readme that explains your branches structure):

  • production
  • release


hi @inccry, actually we’re restructuring the git branches as well as running environments to make it more organized and mitigate mistakes. For a quick answer, please have a look at the following figure (yes, we’ll be updating the readme as well very soon)
Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 7.15.22 AM