Incognito April 2020 Targets

This month, we’ll continue to focus on traction, utility, and of course – building useful products.

The focus is on 2 key utility metrics: monthly shield volume and monthly new validators.

Incognito is setting the following targets for April:

  • Shield volume: between $400K and $500K (25% to 57% month-over-month growth)

  • New validators: between 300 and 400 nodes (177% to 270% month-over-month growth)

DAO’s funded proposals for April

All aspects of Incognito are developed in public view, and all links below are living threads. The following proposals were funded, all of which support Incognito in achieving its April goals.

Utility goals:

Product goals:

Do follow projects that interest you, chime in on the updates, and ask lots of questions!

If you’d like to suggest an improvement, build your own feature, or start your own project, please do. It doesn’t matter how big or small.

Bounce ideas here, and if you already have something in mind, get funding to bring it to life!


super excited for april! :rocket:

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Hi everyone! So we’re sitting in the middle of April now, and making decent progress towards the targets we set earlier this month! :slight_smile:

April targets:

As of April 17, we have achieved:

  • Shield volume: $670K. We’ve already exceeded our April targets, and hope to keep the momentum going for the rest of the month! :raised_hands:. The total shield volume to date is $2.2M+.

  • New validators: 93. The team’s goal is to add 300-400 new Nodes, so we’ll keep working to make that happen. The total Nodes to date is 1,269.

Weekly updates from funded projects

All aspects of Incognito are developed in public view. Click on the links below to read weekly updates from funded projects.

Utility goals:

Product goals:

Thanks for being here with us. Have a great weekend!


Cool! :100: