Incognito android app on Graphene OS?

So I’ve installed gsf, gms, and google play store on a seperate user profile on graphene OS, but, I still can’t get the app to launch. It just crashes back to the wallpaper.
Any ideas on how to debug this?


Regrettably the dev team has still not eliminated dependencies on Google services in spite of discussing the problem months before releasing the new app in December.

Thank you for asking, as this is a very important issue to me. I do not know what causes the app to terminate. I can run other apps that use Google Firebase in Graphene and simply block Firebase in my firewall and those apps function 100% for me.

There must be a stricter dependency on Google that I am not aware of. Or perhaps an issue with Crashlytics. It’s a very frustrating experience in a Privacy project. I hope with your interest the devs give the issue a second look. We will be unable to use pdex if it is not compatible with GrapheneOS or a web wallet alternative.


The interesting part is apps like (which specifically require an install from the play store) actually work.

Graphene has a bunch of apks that you can sideload and install the official play store and services.

I did all that, and works, but, incognito does not. Its a real shame, because I would love to be involved in the project, but, not enough to have an “official” google phone. If there was a web wallet or PC wallet, I would just do that and skip the phone.

I guess I could use my old iphone, but, then, I have to submit to all of apple’s privacy invasion.

Anyway, if I can pull logs somehow or debug it somehow, I’m willing.
I would just need some sort of how-to on that, as I’ve very little android experience (lots of linux though).

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Hello @john_wiki,

A web wallet is on our roadmap: