Incognito and RenVM Integration Questions

Yesterday renvm, a solution that allows for generic, decentralized and trustless interoperability between any blockchain, launches.
Incognito is part of the ren alliance and plans to integrate renvm

So I’m wondering how the team will do so. Some thoughts I had were:

  1. Create a trustless bridge between the incognito chain and bitcoin without the need for collateralization, which has its own drawbacks

  2. Allow for prv to be ttraded directly on kyber (a renvm partner) and other decentralized exchanges

  3. Integrate with renvm to allow transactions to be completed privately via the renvm bridge, etc.

I saw a tweet from a team member asking whether renBTC and other assets could be added to incognito (which I thought was a bit strange because incognito is in the alliance)


I’m interested to see how the team is planning on using renvm to eliminate work (e.g. no reason to build their own btc bridge) and more.

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Could you share some ideas please? @jason @henry

Hello @davoice321. It was me. Thanks for your idea. They’re all cool. Actually, we are in the alliance with Republic Protocol but we haven’t thought of doing any integration with their newly-launch RenVM. It’s so new, just a few-day old, maybe we should deep-dive in it to understand clearly how the interoperability solution works.

I have some thoughts on your 3 ideas.

  1. Sounds like the Portal we are planning to build this month. To be honest, I can’t think of any interoperability solution for non-smartcontract networks like Bitcoin without collateralization.

  2. Sounds cool. We can have more trading volume on PRV and PRV holders with this idea. The same outcome can take place if we have a perfect pKyber and can lure a large part of Ethereum users to do trading privately.

  3. I haven’t had time to look at RenVM yet, but if you are talking about private transactions for Ethereum assets, we have the trustless bridge now and for other public crypto assets, we have the Portal that is in the building.

We are in the alliance with them, that’s why I dropped the comment there. My idea is only for prenBTC - the privacy version of this Ethereum token just like pBTC and ppBTC that are currently existing in Incognito network.

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Incognito is listed as a utility member meaning that incognito is listed as planning to either integrate renvm or use renBTC and other assets

Who from incognito reached out to the ren team to apply for membership in the alliance?

I’m surprised incognito is listed as an alliance member but does not know the basics of the renvm platform

Lol! This crypto world, where a lot of partnerships are meaningless

Hey @davoice321 FYI: REN was added to the pDEX several months ago. It was a start of the collaboration.

At this stage, the most interesting opportunity with Ren is to merge cross-chain liquidity pools.

More information about this and other integrations will be announced and shared once it is released.

I do not know what is your personal goal, but many of your comments focused on criticism. Feedback is always good, negative feedback even better. But feedback ≠ criticism.

Thanks is for the update.

I tend to ask questions when I’m confused by things.

And I also tend not to waste time not getting to the point.

Thanks for the clarification. I look forward to hearing about the integrations.

The cross chain liquidity pools sound cool.

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