Incognito Ambassadors

I was wondering if there would be anybody interested in setting up an Incognito Ambassador Program and team. The Ambassadors might lose some privacy as they’d be out spreading the word about Incognito and trying to grow the community. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and have come up with some ideas and ways to help incognito grow. If anyone is interested in this idea or even thinks it’s a waist of time and a pointless idea let me know I’m open. I’ve already made some incognito NFT’s on the wax blockchain. I plan on making some more and handing them out and/or maybe listing some on the atomichub market place.

Well there is nothing wrong with the idea. Actually we had the same idea some time ago and launched the Ambassador Team, which shortly after was renamed in Incognito Rebels.

A search will probably show you the info.

That said, it is not a bad idea to promote it a little more and with some more guidance. As far as I know many people started but not that many are actually actively setting goals and try to reach them.


I’m planning on getting started again on my YouTube channel, and as small as it is, it’s been getting some good views on my crypto vids. I could do a little more focus on Incognito, see how many people I can reach out to.


I managed to get Noah Seidman from Ren interested in incognito. He’s going to do some research into it. What I told him about the project and how the website looks to a privacy focused person got him in. This looks like it could be another possible good sign for the amazing future of incognito.