Incognito Affiliate or Referral Program

Hello everyone,

I wanted to make a post around the idea of an affiliate program or a referral program again. It appears that there has been some interest in this topic in the past. I’ve looked at this thread and this thread. However, I don’t think it went anywhere beyond the initial exchange of thoughts. I thought I’d lay out my thoughts here and start a discussion on how this channel could potentially act as a catalyst to achieve the goals and milestones of this project.

I strongly support the idea of a referral or affiliate program, and I’ve successfully promoted several other crypto-based services/products in the past. I believe it opens up a new channel to drive targeted adopters and people who could help achieve some of our liquidity goals. Further, I also strongly feel it can help achieve the goals of programs targeted to grow the number of pNodes/vNodes as well.

Similar to the community rewards program in place, I think it will help to develop an affiliate tracking style mechanism to capture, input, track and attribute the referrer of a new member - for any way they are going to become a part of the community. Some of the categories could be:

  • Downloading the wallet app
  • Shielding their first asset
  • Placing their first trade or buying the PRV Token
  • Staking their PRV in the Node Pool
  • Running their 1st vNode with full stake (and additional future nodes for some residual value for the referrer)
  • Buying a pNode (or multiple pnodes over time)
  • Becoming a significant contributor in the community (we can think of a couple of ways to define this based on our most significant wants/needs)

The rewards model can stay in alignment with the benefit value brought by each of the above categories, and we could think through a fair reward in PRV tokens. Some thought also needs to be placed on whether we want to offer a one-time reward for some of the categories versus a recurring reward based on user actions that drive incremental long-term value.

Also, speaking of community rewards - it may be worth thinking through an idea of integrating some rewards for those community members that can be influencers. As an example: If one of our community members has a large social media following on any of the platforms (Twitter, Quora, Medium, etc.). Or they run a mid-to-large sized website that attracts/retains a community of crypto audience. We must introduce some rewards to encourage the promotion of Incognito by the influencer, to their followers. With some luck and diligent execution of this program, we might as well find a couple of big whales who will change the game for our liquidity, where we’re counting more digits before the decimal. :slight_smile:

@aaron, @andrey, @ning, @Jamie, @annie, @Mike_Despo - I’m giving you all a shout out as I know you’ve weighed in on this topic in the past.

For the rest of the community - what do you all think?


My experience with referral programs has been dismal at best.It is difficult to track to make sure the referror gets paid for the referee. In addition, many times those you refer who say they will complete this and that never do. Also if you try to promote your referral in some ordinary way like social edia, then very soon the original site ( in this case Incognito) comes along and uses the same channel thereby diluting your efforts. I agree that I would like to earn more, however, I do not believe that a referral program is aprudent method to accomplish this.


Hi, thank you for your interest in Incognito and giving an idea for Affiliate or Referral Program.

Currently in you have an ability to invite new member if you already achieved member trust level. And get little PRV.

Also with more user using this platform the earning you get not from rewards only. But the price PRV itself makes your capital growing. Incognito has some ways to earn.

  1. Being a liquidity provider ~40% Average for next 2 years.
  2. Staking PRV 37% APR
  3. Node owner get rewards from Node to help better network stability.

Any ideas will be important to us, to make incognito a better place for giving users Privacy.

Thank you and Have a great day :blush:


Hey @sid thanks for the idea. There is very basic referral is implemented on the forum with badges.

Regarding tracking user activity inside the wallet (shield, trade, stain, etc) I am not sure if it gets same appreciation from users, especially whales. The same time, an user contribution to the network is visible from the incscan without tracking personalities )

@sid are you aware of the badge system here? I think it may help with your referral ideas. Right now the system is quite simple ”invIte 5 ppl” or ”share your post which will see 20 ppl outside incognito org” it gives user reward automatically.

  • let’s think how to make it more advanced according to your suggestion?
  • new types of badges/rewards to set up?
  • maybe to build a graph of dependency of badges and rewards on different levels

And probably the most important we need to think about

  • is how to prevent spam, fraud, etc.
  • if an user like the product he/she doesnt need to be paid to share cool things with friends.

I think if every Incifnit user will share the most favorite feature with friends it can be much more beneficial than work with big influencers.

Isn’t a good motivation to share with friends an unique privacy tool for their crypto?


Thanks you @vien! I have a follow up question on one of your points:

Is there any scope of increase the number of referrals one could bring in? I’m asking as I’d want to explore inclusion in some crypto newsletters that I run for an audience of about 45K active users - and I know this will indeed get some good traction.

@andrey, thank you for your reply. I have reviewed the badge system, and it appears to be very impressive. My question was more around larger number of referrals. As I indicated in my reply to vien, I wanted to find out of there was any way to incentivize large sources of referrals. For example - I run a crypto newsletter with an audience of about 45K active, engaged crypto enthusiasts, miners and traders. I am sure a good subset of the audience would be very interested to participate in this community, and contribute towards this great project.

I agree with your point on the tracking, I was eluding to the transaction tracking, not information inside the transaction. Let me think through how we want to put some guardrails around some of the points you’ve made, and make a post here soon.

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Hi @sid,

Glad you ask that :smiley:
In Incognito we have big plan to expand our community, the increase number of referrals seems pretty nice. But as we know many user just find the free airdrop and leave as soon as they get it.

What we are focusing is to have audience that use this platform for the long-term sustainable. That could be nice if you can promote this community to mass audience, further things you could ask to @elena or @andrey , maybe they could help you about this.

Thank you for your response, and interest to this :smiley: Have a great day sid.


With the Airdrop hassle fresh in mind, referral programs should be looked at very carefully if looked at at all. The programs that have a long term “I earn from what my referrals do” system in place should be avoided at any time. Everyone remembers bitconnect.


@vien and @Jamie - thank you for chiming in. I agree that we need to keep a long term view in mind, as we want to avoid the “grab-the-free-airdrop-and-go” type of people. We could think of a model where we define the criteria of a locked-in confirmed user - when s/he achieves specific badges (over time) and perform actions like shielding a particular amount of crypto of their choice or something on those lines.

Some other crypto projects have set up their affiliate program using a similar model. Examples are the Brave Browser, where they incentivize the referrer only after a referred user has downloaded their browser, installed it, and has been active for over 30 days by using their privacy browser, and performing other actions like viewing ads, etc. Likewise, the Presearch project has also implemented its affiliate program on similar lines - where they award tokens for a referral event, but only confirm it after the user has been active for a window of over a month.

Typically, this model would eliminate about 95% of the quick airdrop grabbers and avoid dilution of the tokens, leaving the remaining 5% who will fuel the growth across our goals and actions.

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So here’s a small experiment I’m looking to run, to confirm if there is value in considering an affiliate program or extending any of the existing badges.

Since the community currently has three badges called “Rising Star”, “Star” and “Superstar” for driving targeted, unique visitors to a post - I’m going to attempt promoting the Featured Products page to drive highly relevant and targeted traffic. I’ll use my shared link attribute on this one and send about 1000 unique visitors to this page in the next 48 hours. I am not sure if the project team has access to specific analytics, which will help us understand the breakdown of any click-through and landing page conversion metrics. But I am sure there is something in place to analyze incoming traffic.

I’ll provide an update in a couple of days once I complete my promotion, and let’s see if we can get some positive traction. I have plans to run some promotional tests on my newsletter mailers too, but let’s start small and grow from there.


So here are the results of the experiment (see below). It seems to have gone well, but I’d love to hear from one of the core team members if they observed a jump/spike in any metrics like node orders, app downloads or community signups in the last 1-2 days?

I was able to promote the featured products page to about 2500+ targeted unique visitors. Thereby, I achieved the “star”, “rising star” and “superstar” badges. The target visitors were from a global demographic - but here are the top 10 countries.

  • USA - 17%
  • Vietnam - 8%
  • Iran - 7%
  • Germany - 5%
  • Brazil - 4%
  • Russia - 4%
  • UK - 4%
  • France - 4%
  • Spain - 2%
  • Italy - 2%
  • Rest of the world - 43%

The target market persona matched cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have multiple token wallets currently active, and are actively seeking information about new cryptocurrency projects.

@ning, @vien, @Jamie, @andrey, @annie, @aaron & @zes333 - please feel free to weigh in your perspective here. Is there any way someone could confirm if we saw any noticeable spike in your analytics?

Looking forward to get some feedback from the core team and the community! :slight_smile:


There is a spike in anonymous users, which confirms people visited the website. But then again, that was already confirmed by the triggered badges.

I don’t look at these stats daily, or ever actually, as far as I can see I don’t see a spike in signups and or posts, but might be looking at numbers the wrong way.

To me it looks like you got your followers enthusiastic enough to follow a link, now all we need is for them to take the next step and join.

Did you get any feedback from those who followed the link? Questions about the project? Things like that?


Hi Jamie, I’ve only heard back from three people so far who sent me direct messages on my twitter account, asking about the project. I invited them to join the community a while ago. I will get more chatter over the weekend I believe, and we’ll certainly see some traction. I’ll keep you posted.


hey @sid thanks for spreading the word! we saw about 3000 unique pageviews (GA) from your referral link, but the bounce rate was fairly high… 98%. those that made it through to 1st interaction landed mostly on Node device. for reference, (home page) had a 28% bounce rate this week. for the featured product page, we saw 49% and a 31% exit rate.

sign ups on the site remained somewhat consistent with previous days. feel free to DM me if you need more info!


Thanks, @ning

I’ll send you a PM to discuss a few more details, as I look to target and drive more engagement from my audience this week.