Incognito 2022: Technical Roadmap

Hey @duc (and others that may be interested), here’s a concise summary of Wownero

Except from the homepage -

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My favourite is the whitepaper and roadmap :joy::joy::joy:


hi @fredlee, thanks for these questions and sorry this took so long.

i’ve created quite a long winded topic here that hopefully addresses your questions:


Has anyone from the dev team heard of HOPR? Looks like it could provide privacy for meta data at the transport level, meaning between Incognito and the next node.

I love what you are offering to the world. Thanks a lot for this. :wink:
I’d love to start a vnode to support the network. Could you please lead me to the best tuto on it? And is there help funding for vnode like pnodes? I still don’t have the collateral for it, but I’ll do what I can as soon as possible :pray: cheeers

I believe this is a good tutorial to get a vNode up and running. Cheers!

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Thanks a lot Duc ! :wink:

Q1 2022 Update was just posted.

The contents were also added above into their respective categories.


Would love to see a decentralized bridge built for the Ethereum fork PulseChain ( network & its native exchange PulseX ( which is a uniswap v2 fork. If there is an opportunity for building privacy into LiquidLoans ( (, our community would love this as well. Let me know how we can help bring this to fruition. Thank you so much!


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Hello @Azteca,

Are you a developer from liquidloans? If you are or have direct contact with either of those projects please let me know and we can get a Telegram group going.

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Liquidity is only at 2mil at the moment. Im curious what happened to the chunk of liquidity that was taken out before pDex3. Was that ever put back in?
We’re dying in liquidity over here.


@Mike_Despo I again echo your sentiments. Where did all the liquidity go? 8 days, nobody from the team has responded to your very reasonable question.

@Jared can we get a response to this question about liquidity? Thanks

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@mike_despo, @brico84, thanks for raising your concerns. let me see if i can answer them straightforwardly. (and sorry for the late response - we were rushing to meet the Solana hackathon deadline)

the market has been very volatile lately. big movements tend to mean people withdraw currencies and need it fast in order to ‘catch the moment’ - a general sentiment from users who were originally frustrated at long provide withdrawal times. so to avoid sudden drops in visible pDEX liquidity (bad for morale, confusing for new investors), we keep a reserve outside pDEX to handle potential withdrawals as quickly as possible. at the moment, things seem to be stabilizing, but its extremely important for us right now to try to support a good user experience. this way, people have confidence in using provide (and incognito), and we can sustain and grow native liquidity.

as for increasing pDEX liquidity, in addition to product-led growth (detailed in this roadmap), we are of course, working on boosting incognito’s presence, community, and reach. you can follow our progress in the weekly newsletters. the long term vision - a privacy layer for all crypto - also looks to more economically sustainable and technically ambitious methods. we built pCurve, pUniswap, pPancakeSwap, pRaydium, etc., to harness liquidity straight from the biggest DEXes across an increasing number of major blockchains. so private trading (and lending, borrowing, commerce, etc.) will always be possible for people, through the incognito ecosystem, through PRV.

incognito is long-term for us - and still very young – we don’t doubt for a second its longevity, potential for growth, and the enduring relevance of the privacy mission. we are firmly committed. having said all that, we thank you for your patience, and for your support. it lifts us up and honestly makes more of a difference than you know.


It would be fair game to know approximately how much is in reserve.


@alias again, how much is in reserve ? liquidity now is too low, it affects user experience too

pDEX is not a classical AMM anymore. So low liquidity is less important than before. To my observation, slippage is low and pDEX prices do not deviate from the market prices so much.


Cronos chain is also IBC.

I could really use a Cronos bridge.
Although I’m not involved in the Cronos ecosystem, I do onramp via
I aim to be able to bridge (for ex) Cronos/USDC to whichever chain I need.
Ie rather than use a variety of other bridges or cross chain swapping, I would love to standardise with Incognito bridges.

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Plus 1

I will also be involved w the Pulse ecosystem Inc each of the projects mentioned.
Pulse may well be a priority for Incog users once its launched.

Did this already occur? What percentage of fixed node dominance are we at currently? (Out of curiosity.)

I think it’s 46% still