Incognito 2021 - Transparency, decentralization, and infrastructure

These ones in [Ongoing] Network Monitor @duc


@duc yes indeed.

What are the current number of users month-on-month, since the project’s inception till now? If a specific figure can’t be provided, a rough one will do.

What were last year’s numbers like, what’s the goal in terms of scaling for this year, and what are some of the steps/plans that will be taken towards achieving the goals the team has set to bring privacy to more people?


If “provide” is on its way out and “add” is the new focus for liquidity, where can you find information about the current rates of earning for different pairs?

Hi, a proposal for the new pDEX will be published soon, it will also include tokenomic explaining the incentive for liquidity providers to add liquidity to pDEX in a decentralized fashion. Hopefully, that’s a sweet transition from Provide to Add, stay tuned!