Incognito 2021 - Transparency, decentralization, and infrastructure

Very happy in general with this refocus overall.

I’m not seeing the export to .cvs tool listed anywhere. Is that also off the table?


According to @Chucky post linked below, it appears to be still in the works.

Relevant section:
Q: How can I export my history? I have taxes to file!
A: Not to worry. As @tien tells us, the CSV export feature will be ready by 23/03.


Thanks @Jared, a gentleman and scholar as always.


Thank you for the clarity and this great post.


Hey @revolve,
Governmental decentralization is the next big step towards full decentralization of Incognito.

While devs focus on the priorities highlighted above we have time to discuss how Incognito DAO should look like, and how it should be operated.

It would be awesome if you could kickstart a topic about it in the brainstorm section, share your thoughts on how the DAO should be operated, and collect ideas from other members.


Could you disclose to the community the way you handle finances internally asap? There is very little trust and most users don’t even think there are structures, rules, and governance in place internally.

Giving up this type of info should be as easy as uploading a document which outlines the current way you manage funds between nodes, fixed ckmmittees, dao funds from block rewards (also can you cite this block reward percentage that goes towards a “dao” incognito address with a link in the github code and line numbers ?)


So is this question never going to be answered because he quit?



Long-time silent reader here, made an account today to post this.

The tech roadmap is very detailed and much appreciated. But is there a roadmap on how Incognito is also intending to bring privacy to more users?

One of the things that attracted me to this project is the team’s vision of bringing privacy to the world. You’ve constantly highlighted the large amounts of crypto you’ve shielded, but that hardly shows how much you’ve grown in realizing this vision.

I understand there are many who truly do care about these (I’m one of them), but the reality is there are a lot more who don’t.

I love how detailed the tech roadmaps are. It’s furthering a lot of goals set from the beginning, but then there are the others which haven’t received much love. I would like to see Incognito succeed, but the project still a long way to go. It’s disappointing that it hasn’t even been 10% in and the project lead is already leaving.

A response would be appreciated. @andrey @ning @Ducky @aaron


Since this was posed about a month ago, a lot has changed.

I know updates have been posted on various points in various locations but this very recent progress post is no longer accurate.

Either a new post in this topic, or an update to correct this post, would be very helpful to outline how much of these goals and timelines survived the last few weeks. Thank you


@duc @aaron Can you provide an update and further clarification please.

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@detved, the items stated in the post still aligns with our direction so far, we’ve been utilizing all resources we have on those. I’m updating the ETAs today in order to make this consistent with the timeline.

@dedsec, sorry for the late reply, you meant what will our plan be in terms of growth in order to bring privacy stuff we build to more users, correct?


Good decision with the transparency. Tks guys.

Hi @duc, is this target " Dynamic committee size & Slashing** (ETA: Jun 2021)" still on time ?

Yes, from the implementation side, everything is ready, the code was deployed onto mainnet a couple of weeks ago and we will be enabling the staking flow v2 within this week.

For slashing, the tentative time for enabling it is in June, but it will depend on status of the node issues support, once node owners feel confident we will enable slashing then.


I do not feel confident since my questions on other topics are still unanswered.


Sorry, probably we missed your question, please give me the link, I’ll ask the team to support your case.

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These ones in [Ongoing] Network Monitor @duc


@duc yes indeed.

What are the current number of users month-on-month, since the project’s inception till now? If a specific figure can’t be provided, a rough one will do.

What were last year’s numbers like, what’s the goal in terms of scaling for this year, and what are some of the steps/plans that will be taken towards achieving the goals the team has set to bring privacy to more people?


If “provide” is on its way out and “add” is the new focus for liquidity, where can you find information about the current rates of earning for different pairs?

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Hi, a proposal for the new pDEX will be published soon, it will also include tokenomic explaining the incentive for liquidity providers to add liquidity to pDEX in a decentralized fashion. Hopefully, that’s a sweet transition from Provide to Add, stay tuned!