incog (Incognito Discord bot)



Incog is a multi functional Discord bot that resides in the Incognito Chain community Discord.

Current Features:

  • retrieve current market price information from the CoinGecko API and returns it in chat.

  • Monitors multiple RSS feeds from and aggregates posts into the announcements/updates channel in real time. (Some members prefer the Discord platform over the Discourse platform.) With Incog these members will never have to search through the forums or miss an update.

    Current channels being monitored include: Weekly Newsletter, PRV Holders, Newsroom, Weekly updates, PRV Holders Call.

Usage / Commands:
!price < coin > < base currency > (Retrieves current market price vs specified base currency)
!basecurrency < base currency > (sets a new base currency)
!help displays help.

{when using the help command, you will see a few other commands like !wallet, !pDex, !portfolio, !reminder, etc. Please note this bot is a WIP and those commands are experimental and are not ready to be used. I have them available for testing and development purposes. They may be available or unavailable at different times due to testing / development. Until further notice, please stick to using the base commands I have provided in this post. :grin:}

Future Development:

  • node monitoring and alerts

  • Wallet integration (import and create. send and receive. shield and un-shield) directly from discord DM.

  • pDex and/or order book integration

  • netstats integration

  • provide integration

  • stake and un-stake



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[UPDATE 1] 12/18/2020

  • Optimized the code base with rewrite
  • Added commands / functions:
    * !explorer
    * !wallet
    * !ptoken
    * !stake
    * !provide
    * !node
    * !github
    * !exchange
    * !validators
    * !fiat
    * !provide
    * !quest
    * !roadmap
    * !whitepaper
    * !mp {monetary policy}
    * !website
    * !community

[UPDATE 2] 12/18/2020

  • Added live pDex & market stats
  • Added live blockchain stats

New Commands:

  • !pdex {retrieves live pDex market stats. ie: Liquidity, Trading Volume}

  • !blockchain {retrieves live blockchain stats. ie: Current Height, Epoch, Active Shards}

  • !marketcap {retrieves PRV’s up to date Marketcap}

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[UPDATE 3] 12/24/20

Added various commands. See screenshots below for a listing of all updated commands.

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[UPDATE 4] 12/25/20

Added Transaction Explorer


Usage: !gettx < Tx ID >



[December Builder Rewards vote]

Hey @cusdt.eth, I’m truly sorry for missing your product from the program! :pensive:

I just made a new voting address for you and shared it here: December Builder Rewards: Vote for your favorite builders. Anyone who wants to vote for this product can send their token to the address:


vote discord

Thank you for understanding, and looking forward to seeing more improvements for your products! :blush:


It’s totally okay :grin:. Thank you!

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[UPDATE] 1/14/21

  • Added Telegram-Discord Bridge.

With this new bridge, both the chat in the Incognito Telegram and the #telegram-chat-bridge channel in the Discord server are bridged and can relay messages back and forth seamlessly.

The bot is able to relay text messages and media files between Discord and Telegram. @-mentions, URLs, code (both inline and block-style) works well.

Editing messages works as well. However, Telegram bots are unfortunately completely unable to detect when a message is deleted. There is no way to implement T2D cross-deletion until Telegram implements this. Discord —> Telegram deletes are working.

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