Impossible Finance _ $IF, $IDIA are now live with Incognito Mode

Hi everyone,

It’s my pleasure having the chance talking with you again. Today, we’re pleased to announce $IF and $IDIA from Impossible Finance – top Incubator platform on BSC main-net is now ready to be shielded into Incognito, marking the first collaboration between Impossible Finance and Incognito.

Impossible Finance (IF) is a DeFi-native ecosystem of multi-chain products. The core vision of IF is to nurture and accelerate blockchain projects as an Incubator. Central to this vision is a set of products that form an essential base for our incubator, the Impossible Launchpad and Impossible Swap. The primary goal of the initiative is to develop items that will reward investors.

  • Impossible Finance AMM
    This is the first product of Impossible Finance. The features of this protocol are also quite similar to other AMM platforms as users can swap tokens or provide liquidity on the platform to receive rewards

  • Launchpad
    Launchpad on Impossible Finance is a platform that allows users to purchase early-stage projects.Users are required to go through the KYC procedure before the project reviews and verifies them for you to participate in the IDO process. The review process will be complete in one day to ensure that buyers do not miss out on any investment opportunities.

End users shouldn’t even need to know how defi works or what chain it is on - just like how emails can be sent from Yahoo to a Gmail. As defi power users, Impossible Finance has absorbed lessons from defi trailblazers . They’ve built their own “Google search” - a decentralized AMM currently on BSC - and will continue to revamp it, but the vision is to continue learning and building the Alphabet of defi, with two core tokens: $IF and $IDIA.

These two tokens will work in parallel for different purposes: $IF will have project management features while $IDIA will be in charge of Launchpad administration and used to participate in the IDO process. In the effort to jointly make a better BSC Ecosystem, Incognito now adds the Privacy Layer to activities relating to $IF and $IDIA

Let’s download the Incognito wallet, then start shielding $IF and $IDIA to buy, sell, send, receive, store or even swap your favorite Crypto Asset.

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