Important: Update your vNode for faster syncing

As of now, Sept 4, 2020, multiview bft has been deployed. All virtual node operators are now required to make an update that will help your Node sync at least 10 times faster, and keep our network healthy. Please set aside a few minutes at your earliest convenience to complete the update.

What this upgrade means

  1. Improved validator experience: After set up, your Node will finish syncing within 6-12 hours and be ready to start producing blocks. Previously Nodes took up 3 days to sync the current blockchain data.

  2. A stronger network: This update prepares all validators for the dynamic committee implementation, which will go live next year. Once it goes live, Nodes which are offline and have not synced well with the beacon will be put in the greylist upon random selection, where they will wait for three epochs before they are returned to the candidate pool. This is how the system ensures nodes are healthy enough to perform the job of validation.

More info: Dynamic committee size and dynamic sharding: implementation phase

What you need to do

There is no deadline for updating your virtual Node, but we recommend acting as soon as is convenient, to avoid eventual incompatibility and downtime.

1. Stop the Docker container:

Login to your server and perform this command: sudo docker ps


It will show all your current instances. Now, simply stop all of them by using this command: docker stop instancename

For example,
sudo docker stop inc_mainnet
sudo docker stop eth_mainnet


Check the docker again to make sure all have been stopped.

2. Remove the data folder:

sudo rm -rfv data


Wait until it is done.

3. Restart the Node

sudo bash


You will get a new tag: “20200831_1”. Enter this command to check: sudo docker ps


All done! Let’s see how quickly your Node syncs now.

What if

  • I don’t update?
    Eventually your Node will stop working due to the incompatibility between the data on the Node and the blockchain.
  • I am in the middle of (un)staking?
    These operations will process normally

What about Physical Nodes?

Nothing is required on your end. Your Node will be updated for you on Sept 11, 2020. It will continue to function normally before and after the update. It will be eligible for selection, be available for unstaking, continue unstaking if it’s currently unstaking, and so on. All actions in progress will be processed normally.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below, or send a message to @Support.


What if u want to start a node then

How important is it to start a Node at that specific hour, minute?

You can start a node now, then you have to update later on. Or you can wait till the stated hour has passed and start off with the new version right away.


Hi everyone, you are able to upgrade your Node from now :rocket:


Could I just check the tag should be this or “20200831_1”, which is shown in your screenshot?

I just tried updating my node, however I got “Status Image is up to date for incognitochain/incognito-mainnet:20200831_1”

Hi @Peter,

I was upgrading my nodes and I see that some of my nodes appear to be automatically upgraded? I see the nodes “CREATED” about 8 hours ago which is right around the 3AM ET timeframe, and I see the 20200831_1 alongside my incognito-mainnet node line when I run a sudo docker ps.

Could you please confirm if the upgrade is still needed to be performed manually, or is this something that the nodes are syncing automatically? Thanks in advance!


The exact same thing happened with my vnode as well, so I have the same question! :stuck_out_tongue:

FWIW I have one that is 20200729_1 and one that is 20200831_1

Those are date formats, 2020-07-29 & 2020-08-31
So latest should be better

Anyone else showing a Shard ID -2 even though you are synced to the beacon chain?
@Peter @Support

Hi @crouton, 20200831_1 is the correct one. Thanks for reminding me.

Hi @sid, please do it manually, as the script itself contains an auto_update line to get a new tag when it is available.
The point is to clear current data to avoid any incompatibilities with the newly downloaded data pulled by a new tag in the future.

@fierydev Hope that I answered your question :slight_smile:

@Josh_Hamon The latest one is correct: 2020-08-31

@doc Let me ask the devs about this


Hi @doc, Shard ID -2 means that your Node is on the waiting list. It is not selected to join any committee at that moment.
It doesn’t relate to the syncing status of your Node, so you can ignore it.

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Hey @Peter So just to clarify, this has changed from the previous way it worked? Normally we would see -2 while the node was syncing the chain, then it would goto -1 and Role would goto “waiting”… at this point I am synced to chain, but my role is blank and shard ID is -2 (just as it was during the chain sync).

Also, for reference, my pNode is still showing -1 and “waiting”… which is what I am used to seeing… and you are saying this is no longer how the node API works? Or am I misunderstanding something?

@doc the RPC/ API may have changed. We are reviewing it soon. Rest assured that the one you reported “Shard ID is -2” is an expected result.


So Doc, the shard ID status -2 means that you are not in any shard at the current time (waiting to be selected) while the pNode status -1 also means that you are waiting to be selected. These two statuses mean the same thing although one is talking about shard, the other one is talking about validator status.


Special note for those using @mesquka awesome multi-vnode script. You’ll have to delete your data folders on your own with

sudo rm -rf data*

All my nodes are syncing with the network as we speak!


Jared is right, running sudo rm -rf data* and then restarting the script will update your nodes to the new setup.


Thanks, @Peter! That clears all my questions.

Is the update using lesser RAM? I see that my RAM usage has decreased significantly.

Hi @taruneldho CPU/ Disk/ Ram usage stays the same. The update doesn’t affect those components.

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