[IMPLEMENTED] Importing Accounts

Could we have the ability to import a private key via QR in the app? Interesting fact – the functionality is already partially implemented. :arrow_heading_down:

Tapping the three dots, then Import brings up this dialog, which has a neat little QR scanner icon in the Private Key input box (big red arrow indicates the icon)
Tapping the icon, brings up this QR scanner (looks a lot like the one we see when setting up a pNode)

However heading over to the only place where our private key(s) are available, there are no corresponding QR icon(s) to be found

I tried left and right swiping. I tried long press and double tap. I only succeeded in copying my key(s) to the clipboard. :sob:

Could we get a button to generate a QR image of a given key? Perhaps it is a hidden option; only revealed on a left/right swipe (similar to the delete account option) of a key?

This would be great for importing accounts when setting up a new phone/tablet or adding a second device to manage existing node(s).



Hi Mike, that’d be convenient to transfer account from one device to another without setting up certain apps like telegram, or messaging app to copy/paste the keys.

We will certainly add this option for users, however due to the product roadmap has been filled for April, we will get to this ASAP once we have extra resource.

cc @binh @tien can we add QR code display option to the keys? We gave users the option to scan QR code, but we didn’t give them the QR code to scan in the first place.


dont use online site to generator qr code for your private key, because it send your private key to its server. if you want, pls use google service : https://developers.google.com/chart/infographics/docs/overview


As with any crypto project, be very careful with your private keys. Using any online service to transport, store or copy/paste private keys (or seeds) should generally be avoided. This is not just limited to a QR service, but extends to using an email service (Gmail, Apple mail, Outlook, etc), notes app (Google Keep, OneNote, Apple Notes, etc), messaging app (iMessage, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc) or office app (Google Docs, iCloud, Office365, etc), among many other types of online services.

You can never be assured that an online service isn’t keeping a (cached) copy of the text you enter – either by design or by accident. This would leave a copy of your private key in the control of someone who is not you, without anyway to confirm that it is indeed deleted/wiped when you are done using the service.

For example – “deleted” Facebook photos, posts, messages, etc can be found for months, even years in their CDN cache (2009, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019). A malicious actor would only need to penetrate Facebook’s network to begin searching through “removed” content there for certain patterns in strings of text.

The odds of this occurring are quite low … now. However in 2010, the privates keys to 10,000 BTC were only worth two pizzas. In 2020, that’s $70,000,000 worth of incentive. In those intervening 10 years, Facebook still can’t be trusted to fully delete your data - “Secure deletion is a hard problem, especially at scale.”


Thank you for the QR codes in the latest update. Works a treat!


Right! I once asked Facebook to give me all the data he knows about me, and they even have the friends that I removed years ago. They keep a backup of everything, be aware of that.