Im confused!

Im very new around here and im honestly just curious how this works. Ive been reading in the help section and how this works but im still a little confused. So when I shield a coin what happens. when i send money over from a public address where is the original money going. to a random shared address? Also when i decide to withdraw it eventually does it come from that same wallet or what. Does the bitcoin or crypto get mixed around?

Please glance over our whitepaper to get an overview of Incognito:

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TLDR: Incognito is not a mixing service, it’s not designed to anonymize the connected chains (bitcoin in your case). Your anonymity is only guaranteed as long as you stay inside the Incognito network. If you deposit and then withdraw, it’s even likely you could get the exact same bitcoins back.

To make crypto forensics harder, you can exchange to different coins, split up your unshielding, or keep them shielded for a very long time.