IDEA: To improve Node Monitor site

I am a huge fan of the node monitor site -

Here is an idea for the Front end of the Node Monitor.

Please make the columns sortable (ascending/ descending) by clicking on the column headings:

  • Name ,
  • Role (sort by XX epochs),
  • Status (Online / Out of Sync etc) ,
  • Sync Status



Agreed, this has been an outstanding tool. 100% in favor of these enhancements as well. Also, could the list not be capped at 20?


Which list is capped at 20?

The “My nodes” list. It’s not capped, but it’s paged with 20 nodes per page. Might be frustrating when you have 22 nodes, but then again how long should it be? 50? 100? At all? Who has so many nodes that they want to split it into pages? :wink:


Ah, I understand now. I don’t mind the multiple page view but I understand some users might want a single page view.

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Asking for a friend…

Much appreciated feature. Great idea.

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Also rows could be thinner so more rows would be visible without scrolling.