Idea to help grow viewership of YouTube PRV Holders calls

Hi @andrey , @duc and Aaron Shah, I really enjoyed the March PRV Holders call. Each PRV holders call is jam packed with great information. I enjoy seeing the growth in the key metrics for the project, I also appreciate the update on achievements and delays etc. It’s always great to hear the answers during the Q&A sessions.

Here’s an idea to encourage those new to the Incognito community to attend these PRV Holders calls…
You should add a Message in the App’s Bulletin with a link to YouTube video.

Have a notification popup in the App during the week prior to the PRV Holders call going live. This will act like a reminder that the call is steaming live soon.

When the PRV call is over and the on-demand version is available on Youtube, add a 2nd message in the Bulletin so that the community can watch it on-demand version. Allow a way for users to dismiss the bulletin notification so that it does become annoying.

Thanks again for holding these monthly calls and Q&A.