[Idea] PRV Mining Plan?

For Lower Investors any mineing website create planning you have? Many peoples can buy Node but can’t setup or Internet and electricity problem they have, and this peoples can’t buy 1750 Prv to virtual node for high investment there need, so my question is can any investors create a PRV mineing website like BITCOIN,ETH,LTC mineing website. This types:

Is This possible for lower investors buy PRV GH/s,MH/s,H/s and earn PRV.
Thank you.

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@Royal you can already „mine“ without the need to own 1750 PRV :slight_smile:
Just go within the app on the „Provide“ tab. There you will be able to get 37% on your PRV and you can even provide other coins like BTC (9%) etc. as well. Please bear in mind that the returns might could get lower on long term if more people start staking/mining. But right now it will be 37% and you can always withdraw your provided coins easily within a couple of days.


I know about this but i am ask in future plan any Website Mine system. If you know this types anythink, please ask me then. :slight_smile:

http://jservers.com/ is offering node hosting but in this case you need 1750 PRV. Until 1 or 2 weeks ago they even offered pools, which is what you are looking for. But unfortunately they just stopped this service 1 or 2 weeks ago.


At this moment we are providing several ways of staking to make it possible for all sorts of investors, small and big, to support the project, and get rewarded for doing so.

There are no plans to add a website based system to what we have already.

But, if a community member is willing to create a system like that, we’d love to hear about it.


I think what you are referring to is Proof of Work (PoW). Incognito does not offer any PoW mining. Only Proof of Stake (PoS) is offered.

Hey @RI_Royal

Incognito does not work like most Proof of work (mining) blockchains. There is some mild proof of work on chain but it is mainly based on Proof of Stake.

Unfortunately there is no way to “mine” PRV with hash power. And also just a recommendation from being around the crypto world for a while, be extremely careful when using cloudmining sites (I believe this is what the website you linked is), usually cloud mining companies are “very thought out pyramid schemes”.
Please make sure you are using a reputable site, and if they allow you to buy hashpower make sure it is in a similar manner as to what NiceHash does. Just my 2 cents.
(BTW you can always just add funds to Provide from as low as 1 PRV and start earning interest in a similar fashion as to the website you are linking)
-Hope this helps.


No this is not necessary, you can provide as much PRV or BTC as you want. You can also provide only BTC (9% APY), ETH (8% APY), DAI (8% APY), USDC (7% APY), USDT (7% APY) or XMR (9% APY). There is also no minimum so you can just try it out with a little amount :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the community Doflamingo… :sunglasses:

To provide liquidity to an existing trading pair, you’ll have to provide even liquidity to both sides of the pair to ensure the ratio is maintained.