Idea for the wallet: a swap dust button and a tumbler button.

A swap dust button would be the same thing you see on the “main menu”:
Swap your dust coins for PRV.
So good to top up some PRV dust to cover fees for example.

A tumbler button in the swap section:
By clicking on this button, you divide your final amount for makimg few swaps.
For example:
I shielded 10 BNB for PRV and swap them but heuristics can prove I’m swapping.
So on clicking on tumbling I will swap 2.5 BNB 4 times progressively to break all links

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I really like both of these ideas. Thanks for sharing them @heyabrb

What do others think of this idea? Please like and/or comment.

Swap dust is a good thing!

:100: After revisiting this post by @heyabrb again, I really like the Tumbler idea.

It’s yet another way to improve privacy of our transactions.

But my only comment would be, instead of making this opt-in via a Tumbler Button, why not make this ‘Automatic’ by default. After all we are using the Incognito platform as we the very name suggests ALL our transactions (including swaps) will be “Incognito”, right?


Dust by definition is nothing. There’s nothing to swap. The dust is worth nothing.

It can be used for transaction fees

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People swaps dust you just need to look the explorer.