IDEA for Growth Team - Interview with CryptoSlate

Hi Incognito Growth Team,
I just finished listened to an awesome Twitter Spaces recording (see below)

It was about Privacy on the blockchain with David Chaum (Privacy advocate / OG Cryptographer), Ben Wenger (Chief Engineer at xx.Network) and Aaron Welwood (Community Liason at xx.Network). Below is the tweet:

This was hosted by Liam of (Twitter @cryptoslate) who did a great job moderating the discussion.

IDEA: I’d recommend the Incognito Growth Team reach out to Cryptoslate to do something similar, either an article piece and/or Twitter Live Spaces discussion on Incognito Network to help spread the word on this amazing project.

Cryptoslate are a young (4 years old) YouTube Channel -
hence they may be more open to doing an interview for their channel.