I lost over over $1500 dollars using the Pdex to trade dash for monero!?

Really??? Did this really just happen?

I had a bit over 5700 dollars worth of dash I JUST deposited. I wanted to trade it for monero so I traded all 29 dash.

For some reason I only got like 4100 dollars of monero from that??? whatt…??? Is this for real? Like I’m in disbelief but I’m getting more and more scared by the minute.

I should add I used this before and the exchange rate was nothing this high. That’s like it was very close to spot trading price.

And I am checking this to make sure, but I see this. Like… to convert back to monero. It’s literally 15 XMR to only get back 18 Ddash?

But I go charged on my order history, 29 dash and only got 15 xmr? It said there was only a .00000 something PRV fee.

What happened? I’m looking at coin market cap and there were no dips or anything during the time it traded that I can see.

Where did the rest go???

I just did a conversion rate and I should have got 19 xmr claims this image

I have the ID for the transaction if that is going to help much? I’m not sure if anyone here can do much to help. I feel like I just lost nearly 2000 dollars today getting wrecked by using the conversion thing. I really might throw up soon I’m pulling my hair out. I trusted this, I used it before, I never got scammed before. I’m still coming to terms on if this is really for real???

I used this before and the rates were nearly on par on the exact rates. I can’t believe this.

If this is the conversion rate. I might as well just use an ATM and burner phone. I legit used this app because historically every other time it was cheaper by far to just buy from an exchange, send it here, like the slippage was like maybe a dollar idk. it wasn’t even noticeable.
It beat the 10% ATM fees. This… was like what a 30% fee?

I feel so retarded for using this app now. I used to love it. It was the best thing ever and I was telling all my friends about it.

I’m still looking at this. So I’m trying to make sure there was no extreme volatile trade abnormalities. But during the exact time I did the trade, these were the rates.


And then


I def got overcharged for the trade. Idk if it was a glitch, or some spike in the price right as I clicked that only lasted a second or so. Idk…

Unless this site doesn’t show extreme few second pump or dips or something idk. I’m not sure how the incognito app gets its prices and numbers from.

I guess I’m gonna send my monero out to another wallet. Maybe the price is just shown incorrectly? But no… It says I have 15 xmr… so that is just still 15 xmr. Like I dont think it’s gonna change. … omg… i’m losing it.

Within a few minutes about 1500 dollars went “poof” .

I’m looking at another exchange site just to be sure on the price. image

15 XMR is only 22 Dash

I had 29 Dash!!! What happened to the remaining seven? Please for the love of god and humanity tell me there is some way to get it back? That maybe it’s floating in limbo? Like literally more than a thousand dollars of slippage took place???

I’m really holding hard to hold my tongue about my reviews to this app. But it says I have zero dash. I clicked on the ∞ sign to select all. Like I know the app is slow, but my god, like less than a few minutes, and I see literally no indication in any chart that during the time I made the trade that there was a huge deviation in either pumps or dumps in the exchange rate! This is unreal…

I immediately went to see how it would trade the other way on the app and yeah. I’m so sad and mad right now. I’m really trying to keep it together, maybe there is a glitch or error or something please. did my funds really just go poof in only a few seconds and nothing can be done about it… god my life i want to die right now im just hoping there is some thing that can be done… its all recorded. i sent staff transaction id. just waiting for someone to get back to me

Hello, welcome to Incognito. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of liquidity for the pair you traded so on the confirmation screen it probably listed a big price impact / slippage. It will always show you the minimum amount that you will receive.

I don’t have any advice for you—I’m sorry to hear about this—but I am really not surprised about the price. I’m just surprised that you didn’t see the details. I am wondering if the app gives a USD approximation that you can see that ~$5700 in one coin will only yield ~$4100 in another. I am thinking it might not and it requires the users to know and approve the price of each coin.

The fact that it is only giving you a similarly high price impact/slippage to trade back is telling me that the trading pool probably has low liquidity

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Yeah I get slippage is a thing… but… I assumed it would execute at the average price given like any other exchange with not a lot of difference between the exchange rate…

I dont remember seeing and difference in USD price. I just remember it was like 1 dash was worth .8 I think XMR and was like okay sure. I assumed it would trade it at the same dollar amount as I do this trade all the time albeit in smaller amounts all the time and the exchange rate was always accurate. So I didn’t think anything different would happen today. I just trusted the app would accurately exchange the coin at the current exchange rate like it always has…

God Im gonna vomit my life just got wrecked man Ive been refreshing every so often all day here since 5 hours ago this my life man… what did I do? God Ive been praying so much my money just didnt transfer. I get the exchange isn’t as large as binance… but like… Like if there was not enough xmr on the exchange, shouldn’t it have just traded what was there? So like lets say if I have 29 Dash. shouldn’t and I could only buy up to 15 XMR. instead of my Dash going poof, Id think Id just have left over dash???

Sorry if my spelling and grammar is a bit off now I cant think straight and it hurts to type because my hand and fingers are messed up now

“$5700 in one coin will only yield ~$4100 in another.”
But no I didnt see anything like that. that would have been lovely. like you know im just so used to every other exchange that just put the dollar amount buys and gives it back in the other coin. it takes some out as a fee. but the fee is small. and slippage. like my god. im beginning to lose all hope. if I can sleep. i just hope i wake up and realize it was a bad dream. i swear god, ill do anything. God i should have just stuck to expensive crypto atms. even a 15% fee is better than what I just got hit with.

As an update. It was as I figured. …

To the staff that replied to my email. Thank you for getting back with me… i cant help but think why wont it just… trade up to the amount and leave the rest there??? like god… or even at very leas just show a dollar amount??? Like I dont get it? God. this is life shattering. man … all that out of my years of my savings just gone because of slippage… my life…

Please… in this memory of my experience… I sincerely hope you guys make a video on your youtube channel informing and warning people about this. Or change you app to tell people the dollar amount their trading and what ranges they can expect to get. like… anyone using any other exchange site is no going to know man …

Youtube was where I discovered this app. as great as it was. I loved this app so much. never before in my life had something so impersonal, simple and useful caused such severe and grievous mental anguish for me.

Welp… Nothing can be done… to live life is to love pain

I’m sorry to hear about your loss but thank you for sharing your experience. I hope it can help others.

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