I added Incognito to my Crypto Blog

I have just recently created a crypto blog for older folks to understand crypto better. The site explains everything you need to know about crypto and gives links to useful sites. It also has a news feed, and any cool new things I find out about that involve crypto, will also get posted there.

In the Anonymization tab, I explain the premise of Incognito and show how it can be useful. I also added Incognito as a method of gaining interest.

If you want to check out the site, here it is: CryptoFringe.com

Shameless Plug: If your too lazy to teach someone about crypto just send them over to the site. It would be greatly appreciated.
I just started, so I need more traffic.

Any comments or suggestions about the site, please let me know. If you think I should add something just shoot me a reply.


That’s great! Keep up the awesome work. Do you have associated social profiles?

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That is exactly the quality advice I was looking for :joy:
I do now

I don’t think I would be posting on Insta so I didn’t get that.


Haha happy to help. I’ll follow them.

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Thank you for giving me some advice, here is 50 Fringe for your troubles.


Wow! Thank you! I’m proud to be on the Fringe.

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I wrote up something trying to explain Incognito simply.
Let me know if I missed anything or got anything wrong.

I want to be able to send people this and have them instantly understand what Incognito is all about.

Here is the Link

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@Revolve Great write up! Seriously, that is a good breakdown for those who are just getting interested in crypto/blockchain. Simple enough and clear enough they can understand and digest! I have one suggestion, it seems autocorrect may have got ya, but everytime you use the word “stake” its spelled “steak” just thought I would point it out to help is all :grinning:!

I guess autocorrect was hungry :joy:
I’m no professional writer or anything, so I appreciate the input. I will be fixing it now.

Here have some Fringe :ok_hand:

Holy Nike! That was mighty nice of you. Thank you! Always enjoyed being one who is on the “fringe”. Glad I could help! Believe me, I also am no professional writer.

Nice job on the site.

I’m looking forward to reading more! I’ll follow you on twitter