How we work v.2

The evolution

As we do with all things, Incognito will continue to find the best way to achieve open-sourced, crowd-sourced development. In the first version of the Incognito DAO, builders were delayed by administrative responsibilities and hindered by rigid structures that stifled iteration and growth.

We let this DAO design run for a few months, and found it passive, bureaucratic, and restrictive. That’s not Incognito. We believe builders should stay agile and creative.

Starting June 1 2020, we deploy a more streamlined approach to development that allows builders to focus on shipping great products, and grants them the flexibility to experiment, grow, and play.

The core dev process

The core dev team will focus on the best ways to achieve what has already been agreed upon and set out in the roadmap. Initiatives will be documented in this adjusted format.

Work fast, ship fast.

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 18.51.34

Quarterly assessment will be conducted internally. We will continue to share weekly updates and results, and will always welcome feedback.


Community builders will continue to be eligible for funding through the Builder Rewards initiative. As it was before, anyone can have an idea, and anyone can build it. What’s different is that users no longer need to wait for approval from the core team before getting started. Builders who successfully ship useful products will be eligible for rewards, distributed from a fixed PRV development pool.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 11.54.22 AM

This is not a bounty system. Builders will receive rewards for as long as the community deems their products useful. The distribution of rewards will be decided by both community and core team vote. If a product receives 30% of the monthly vote, the builder will receive 30% of the funds allocated for the month.


The vote category opens in the 3rd week of every month. Community-built products will have topics created for them here. Users with Trust Level 2 and 3 (Members and Regulars) will be able to vote on their favorite product for the month. In this first iteration of community voting, the community will hold 30% of votes, and the core team 70%.

At the end of the month, voting will conclude, and the category will be locked until the next month. Rewards will then be distributed according to publicly viewable results.

Concluding thoughts

The core dev team’s overarching goal is to build honest, useful products, and create better ways for people to access privacy. To do that, we believe it is important to remain constructively critical – not just of what we build, but how we build.

In keeping with the experimental, open-source spirit that’s at the very heart of Incognito, we fully expect the way we work as a community to continue evolving. As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts and getting involved. Thank you for building Incognito with us.