How to use the Node monitor

New feature. The Node Monitor now states how many epochs until a Pending node will enter committee. Very handy now that the Pending queue for each shard is around a hundred nodes deep.


Great feature from the team. Love it!

This is handy

Hi @Tempestblack yesterday I helped you with this issue, please monitor in next some day and let me know if it happen again. Thanks.

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Any chance to make a page larger than 7 entries?

hey @0xkumi & @Rocky

since i’ve updated my nodes w/ the script I started seeing ‘Vote count’ less than 50%. This worries me bc slashing is coming.

Could you guys help me to find out what’s wrong and should be fixed w/ nodes that will bring back them to 100%?

green - before the script; red - after the script


Sub 50% vote sounds like the problem I had.

did not get what should be the parameter for the FULLNODE=

just an empty string right after equal sign?

Yeah, empty string or 1 are the only two options that work. So FULLNODE="" or FULLNODE= if you want to run a validator.

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anyway changed that parameter and restarted the service but that didn’t resolve the less than 50% vote count

@Rocky @0xkumi @fredlee

Hey @Support,

Could you add “Next Event” column into the grid too? Currently, the users have to open the popup for each node.

… and if possible, could you add a column showing the unwithdrawn reward amount.



@duc or @Support…trying to access the node monitor web page and getting this error message…

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more


Tried to access via Opera browser and got same error message basically…can you address…thank you… :sunglasses:

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I got the same as well.

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Thank you @SPAddict25…at least I know it is not just me…also the monitor feature in the Incognito app is not working either so it has to be addressed by dev team for sure… :sunglasses:

Thanks for the report, the problem is about the expiry of ssl cert, we’re renewing it. I will update you guys once it completes, sorry!


Thank you @duc:sunglasses: :100: :+1:

letsencrypt! :wink:

Hi, can you guys please try again? I believe it’s okay by now.


@duc,…It is working perfectly…thank you sir… :+1: :sunglasses: :100:

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Hi, our Node Monitor had been updated recently

  • You can view max 20 nodes per page
  • NextEvent time is displayed with the Role status (at homepage) for convenience
  • Code version is included in the monitor detail popup. This info will be correctly displayed after privacy v2 release (in 1-2 weeks).