How to shield, send, receive, and unshield cryptocurrency

I found that the time to receive bitcoin is two hours

@Peter Is it possible to increase time in the future?


Hi @aaron , could you please update this tutorial such as home screen wallet etc and i suggest to pin it at tab menu next to categories , latest, top .

Honestly at main menu " Product, Node, PRV, Progress " . I just sighted this after a couple weeks i was active in the forum.

Most new user who come into incognito forum what they see are " categories, latest and top menu".

The default screen of forum ( categories ), it make confuse for the first user who come . As too many thing there, with various issue and its messy.

Such as this source Incognito Library - All the info you need, in one place. . Supposed to be pinned and easy to catch by new user for the first time they come in the forum.

Even though i was a couple weeks here. I am still required time to catch the important source about PRV.


if the time receiving coin is reduced a bit, it will be great


Sure @fodesin435, turning a coin into a privacy token is not simple, but we are still working to improve it in the future.


Hi @aaron, got 2 questions :slight_smile:

  • When shielding a crypto currency by sending from an exchange to the Incognito address, and you then send it on a different external address (unshielding), is it then possible to trace it back to the exchange?
  • Do/will you provide support for Injective Protocol and RAMP?

Thanks, great project! :smiley:

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Hi @M123,
This topic would be helpful for your first question: Is Incognito a mixer?
The Incogntio dex (pDEX) will help you to trade without tracking. Have you researched for it?


Thanks @Peter, that’s very helpful!
So as for mixing, it seems there are better options like Tornado Cash.

And it sounds like just using Incognito would be the best idea, but:

  • Are all coins on Uniswap also tradeable in Incognito? (With pUniswap I’m guessing). For example, I can’t seem to find INJ or RAMP in the app.
  • Under Trade it shows “pDEX”, how do I select “pUniswap”?
  • What if my phone is stolen? Can the app be 100% secured?
  • What happens if Apple decide to remove Incognito from the App Store?

Thanks again.

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Hi @Jamie, did you forget to include your answer? :slight_smile:
(Or maybe you’re suggesting that I read the documentation :wink: )

Hello and welcome !

You can check this reply from Aaron about it and have a look at the link he provided :grin:.

The security you provide to your apps it’s pretty much up to you as in how you set it up, such as Face ID recognition, pass-codes and all that stuff I guess but, in any case always back up your keys!

There’s some web wallets that are still being build by community members and you can look for them in here :grin:.

But as Jamie suggested I recommend you to look and navigate through the forum for more information. Anyways I hope it helps a little the links I provided to you.


Thanks a lot for the answers @Estem :slight_smile:

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To withdraw BTC, Is there any way for the user to set the BTC fee manually? The APP show a crazy high fee of about $58! Then I checked the suggested fee on another website, and it is only about $1. Why is the APP suggesting 50x higher fees?! I think there needs to be an override for the user to enter their desired fee to pay.

Unfortunately at this time, no. Users cannot manually set their shield / unshield fee.

The “high” fee estimation you’re receiving is most likely due to 1). Current market conditions causing network congestion, and 2). Incognito uses legacy BTC addresses which take up more block space when writing transactions. Which of course means you will need to pay a higher fee to have your txn processed.

One way this could be reduced is for Incognito to transition to SegWit addresses. SegWit addresses reduce the size needed to store transactions in a block. This is done by removing certain signatures with counting serialized witness data as one unit and core block data as four units.


It is not just BTC.
Any ERC-20 token also have crazy high fees.
The app is quoting $75+ , while on ETH gas station and other wallets, the estimated fee is just $10. There needs to be a way to set custom fees. The ETH fee is already high, and the app multiply that by 7x or 8x, makes it impractical to use unless you are moving 100k


If you were to keep funds within Incognito your fees would be minimal.

If you choose to unshield to the Ethereum network, fees are going to vary because they are based on network congestion. Due to current market conditions, this network is more often than not congested. This causes fees to spike at certain times, or remain “high”. Shielding and unshielding Ethereum or ERC-20 tokens both involve interacting with a smart contract. Fees to interact with a smart contract are higher because, the Txn will need enough “gas” to ensure that it is able to successfully execute the needed functions.


No, I checked the fees on other platforms seconds apart, and am sure incognito is 7 to 8x higher all the time. Checked at several times at random hours.

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Hey @jamessmith have you checked gas consumption of executing smart contracts or a transaction?

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I think you’re forgetting to consider a key piece of information. You have to take into consideration that anytime you exit incognito using an ERC-20 token or ETH, you are interacting with a smart contract. This is different from a regular txn (Wallet to wallet). This is the key difference .

You may have checked several other platforms but that is irrelevant unless you specifically checked the fee to interact with a smart contract from these other platforms as well.

Again, gas fees are dependent on the complexity of the transaction and the operations incurred by the transaction.


can someone see when i see the btc in my acct.
i got over 4 confirmations but btc is still not showing up my in acct

Address: bc1qlzrljps6d598mxfdvuyj66yaj8hklxz5yvnw0l | Blockchain Explorer


need 6 confirmations. thank you!