How to Shield from Celsius app

Celsius requires a 24 hour hold on any new wallet address before you can withdraw crypto. Since shielded wallet addresses in Incognito only last 2 hours, it appears I can’t withdraw crypto from Celsius unless I use an intermediate wallet address. Is there any way to shield crypto directly from Celsius to Incognito? Can functionality be added to extend the “lifespan” of shielded addresses for situations like these? I’m interested specifically in ETH.

There is no 2-hours limit for ETH&ERC20 shieldings and the address does not change anymore. So there is no lifespan problem for ETH-famiily.

For non-ETH (trusted bridges) assets, still there is no problem. 2-hour limit just stops automatic shielding. After 2 hour expires, a “Resume” button will appear. It will appear every 2 hours after you tap the button if the shielding fails. So for your case, when Celsius put your assets into the network, you may track your tx via the corresponding chain’s explorer and then you may tap “Resume” button after some block confirmations.


Thanks. I was under the impression that the new ETH transaction methods had to be accomplished from a wallet like Metamask, but I’m having a difficult time understanding how the new smart contract works. I will try a test transaction to see if this works.

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