How to send BTC etc etc. To a prv wallet

I’m trying to send btc to the wallet but it’s unshielded crypto from an exchange but to luck it’s says enter a BTC adresse. Do i need to go to where the address is owner of the account

AS you see on this screenshot? That’s after I press thru send to any adresse in the prv network then press shield the choose the crypto and end up at a page where it’s coin info and atvthe bottom is owner adresse. Is this the adresse i should use to send unshielded crypto from an exchange to the prv account? Not sure if I’ve sent the screenshots in the right was so if they are impossible to see also let me know
Any help would be very much appreciated. Tried all the others but says Add a btc adresse and hoping the the owner of coin at the bottom of coin info screenshot is the right one. If not how do I send BTC and others to the prv wallet?

See now I’ve added the coin info three times and this is the one I’m wondering if I should use for unshielded coins from an exchange/wallet.

Hello @Chriseiadan,

Whenever you shield funds you bring them into the Incognito network. Whenever you Un-shield funds you take them out of the Incognito network.

Please read over these guides to better understand the process:

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But i doesn’t explain how to send unshielded BTC from an outside wallet like asked in my post I said in cannot send to any of the adresses that you give me which one of the adresses should I send to which one of these should I use. see screenshots is it the one under coin info bottom one called owner adresse or which one do I use?Screenshot_20211215-231827|225x500

Ia this the one with owner adresse?

From the guide that I linked you to:

So therefore, the last screenshot that I referenced is the address you would use (the page says “Shield BTC” at the top).

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