How to run Incognito Chain Full Node on Mainnet


it’s look like you have failed to build incognito binary (Method 1, step3).
Please retry at this step and give me the output on your terminal

I did originally run it and it looked like it worked. I just tried again and now I am getting the error

“go: updates to go.sum needed, disabled by -mod=readonly”

hi @brico84 please try these:

  • upgrade golang to version 1.14.15
  • reset and rebuild with the following command:
git reset --hard
git fetch -a
git pull
git checkout mainnet_20201028_1
go build -o incognito

if you still facing any error, ping me on telegram: khanhj

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@brico84 your problem is resolved.

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Thanks @khanhj. It actually failed part way through which is why I didn’t post it was fixed. I am still going over all the details and will post my findings/questions in the next few days. I really appreciate your assistance on this.