How to Resize Your Images on this Platform

Large images are great when details are important. Most of the time when you share a screenshot in your post or reply on this platform it is more about showing the steps/screens you went through. Even when the information needs to be readable, there is no need for the huge images mobile devices produce by default.

Huge images make your post or reply hard to read.

Adjusting Image Size

Luckily it is easy to adjust the size of your images. After pasting or uploading an image the system will generate some code that looks like this


The numbers 850x87 determine the size of your image on the screen. You can adjust them to your needs.

Take advantage of this feature and adjust your images before publishing your post or reply. For the average screenshot 320 x 640 or similar values are more than sufficient.


Thanks for the post. I think I am one of the guilty ones :pray::pray:

You can also resize an image in your post by clicking on one of the shortcuts seen here:

This screenshot was resized by 50% using the shortcut link.

Discourse Code

  • An unsized image produces this code:

  • After clicking on a percentage, the code looks like this:
    ![screenshot|1474x777, 50%](upload://wngIdBg88StBIsqjLOAEpqkIhQM.jpeg)

  • You can also manually edit or insert a percentage resize for a custom size:
    ![screenshot|1474x777, 38%](upload://wngIdBg88StBIsqjLOAEpqkIhQM.jpeg)

Custom 38% resize, example image



The best way would be to resize before uploading, but I assumed that is a bridge too far for most.

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There is no quilt, it is more about being aware :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely aware in the future :smile::pray:

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