How to receive a Deposit after 1 hour?

Hi ya,

I wanted to deposit some USDC into my Incognito wallet but I know it will take up to 2 days to arrive in the wallet…
Is there another way to receive the funds before the given address will self destruct?

Also I read some where before can’t remember where but it was written about having a permanent address for receiving funds setup in the near future…
How would this actually work for privacy as it would show all funds going to the same wallet address, as I’m not very technical minded I may have actually misunderstood how it would work completely lol…
If someone could please explain it to me I would really appreciate that, thank you :blush:


Hi @CryptoA,

You could send to other wallet that isn’t self destruct.
Trust wallet or MyEtherWallet, then you can transfer to incognito app. Also don’t forget ETH for transfer fee.

Currently as far as i know that there isn’t permanent address available to receive from out network. I think still in development.

Thank you

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Hi ya @vien,

Thanks for your help, appreciated :+1:

I was thinking that but I was hoping for a direct way of sending to Incognito instead of multi hopping wallets…


Hi @CryptoA, nice to e-meet you :slight_smile:

Re: deposiy USDC into Incognito wallet, I don’t know where you could hear that scary info! Tbh, if the time for shielding was that long, I think I personally couldn’t stay patient with Incognito lol :joy:

But if you have ever heard, or read that unlucky accident somewhere around the community, then I think it might be because shielding expired. That’s when users need our helps to manually process the transactions.

It actually takes around some mins to complete your shielding transactions. So…no worries :slight_smile:

Re: permanent address, @vien is right, we currently don’t apply it. We will surely update with our community if we have any implementation plan for it in the future. Thanks for asking :tada:

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I think he means it the other way around. The account he is withdrawing from takes that long to free up the coins, by then the Incognito deposit address has long expired.

Going with an in-between wallet is the way to go, unfortunately.


What if there was a perm wallet addr that incog uses as a “receiving” addr for all users (per coin) that doesn’t self destruct, then it can be transferred in-network from that addr, to the users? I understand it would take some logistics, but I think it would still keep the privacy aspect, while allowing users to not worry about the ‘1 hr’ worry.

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I was reading your idea quite many times but totally forgot to reply, sorry :rofl:
I transferred this idea to my team and hopefully our devs can have deeper investigation on it. We still keep growing the whole process until it’s perfect! @phuong
Thank you though @wpsokw :innocent:

Hi ya @Ducky, @Jamie,

Ducky, it is as Jamie said it will take up to 48hrs for the USDC to leave the broker to then arrive into the Incognito wallet making the 1hr time limit no good for a deposit…

Jamie, yes I will transfer the USDC to my other Broker and then transfer from there to Incognito as you said…

Thank you both for your help much appreciated :blush: :+1:

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