How to pay anonymously with BUSD & BNB at

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Autonomous is the place to get ergonomic home office furniture to help you work smarter. If you want to make a purchase without relying on a bank to facilitate the transaction, you can follow these steps to pay with Incognito instead:

1. Download the Incognito App


2. Ready your funds. Deposit BUSD or BNB.

Autonomous accepts 3 currencies from Incognito: BNB, BUSD, and PRV. Whichever method you choose, you’ll need to make sure you have one of those four currencies in one of your Incognito accounts.

Open your Incognito Wallet.

2.1 Click “Assets”

From the home page of the Incognito app, click “Assets”.

2.2 Click “Shield”

2.3 Select BUSD or BNB

2.4 Send your BUSD or BNB to the address on the screen

You can either copy the address and paste it into the wallet containing your BUSD or BNB, or scan the QR Code.

2.5 Wait a while for the funds to appear, then proceed.

You now have BUSD in your Incognito account. Proceed to “Checkout from Autonomous”.

3. Checkout from Autonomous

Once you have one of the accepted cryptocurrencies in one of your Incognito accounts, head to and fill your shopping cart with everything you’ve been dreaming of getting for your home office, and then proceed to checkout.

3.1 Enter your shipping details

Enter your name and address, and decide on shipping (if there are options). Then, click “Continue to Payment”.


3.2 Expand the “Pay Privately” section and choose the currency you’d like to pay with

Just tap the currency you want to use and click “Place your Order”.

3.3 Follow the on-screen instructions to pay

You’ll be given an address to send your funds to, via an in-network “send” transaction from the Incognito app. You can find the instructions below.

The address is only valid for 2 hours. Do not send your funds to that address later than two hours. If time runs out, redo the checkout process.

Make sure to enter the code given in step 3 in the image below into the “memo” section of your transaction.


4. Pay with BUSD or BNB (make a transfer)

4.1 Copy the address

Click the “Copy” button from the Autonomous screen above. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code later.

4.2 Tap “Assets” from the Incognito app

4.3 Select the currency you’ll pay with and tap “Send”

Enter the same currency you chose at the Autonomous checkout page.

4.4 Paste the Autonomous address, or scan the QR Code

In the “To” section, paste the address you copied earlier. To scan the code, click the box button. Camera access must be enabled for this feature.

4.6 Enter the exact amount you want to pay

4.7 In the memo section, enter the code from Autonomous

4.8 Verify the transaction fee, then click “Send”

4.9 Wait for the transaction to process

Once it’s finished, you can exit the wallet. Once Autonomous receives the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to pay privately with Incognito.


Is it possible to explain why the address is only effective for a limited time (two hours as in the example above) ?

This is really awesome! Is this the company @duy started that @andrey was mentioning on the end of chain podcast?


More integration with e-commence coming :slight_smile:


I was just about to say. Do you plan to make plugins for like wordpress, or something like that? Or is it going to be more of a manual configuration process?

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@Revolve we prepare all tech for external devs to use it for own plugins. I think it is a good opportunity for people to build a business on top of Incognito.


Would I have to use the Javascript SDK to implement a payment method like the one up above. I’m interested in implementing a payment via Incognito. Personally I would rather have something plug and play but I can understand if that’s a lot of work. I will learn if necessary. What would I need to know to implement this into a site right now?


Yes sir!