How to message Support?

I see that I can tag @support in my post, but I have an issue with the BTC I was attempting to shield. I want to shield some BTC from my Coinbase account but I didn’t properly read the minimum amount and sent an amount that was under the minimum amount, and now this BTC is in neither of the accounts. I have screenshots but I am not sure how to direct message support as opposed to just making a public forum post.=

I just had to wait an entire week after purchasing an amount of BTC to be able to send/shield, now for it to just be lost is quite annoying.

Hi User

The best way I have found is posting on the forum @Support

The team is small but should address your concern. It’s usually be a day or two at most for queries I’ve had.

If you haven’t made a specific post on your issue, change the headline to something like BTC lost during shielding.

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If you want to message them directly and privately (not as a forum post that everyone can see) you can click your icon on the top right and then click the mail icon. There you can create a new message with the user as support.