How to launch and connect your Digital Ocean Instance

1. Log in your Digital Ocean Account

Create one if you don’t have

2. Click “Create” -> "Droplets"

3. Set up your droplet

Choose Ubuntu

Choose Standard - $40/mo (4 vCPUs and 160 GB SSD)

Choose the nearest host. For example, I am in Asia, I choose “Singapore”

Choose the password type: One-time password

Name your host. Leave the rest as default, then click Create

Wait for a moment

Your Droplet is now created. This is the IP address to run your Virtual Node

4. Connect to your droplet

Please check your email, details of your droplet (IP address, username and password) will be sent to you.

Open Terminal for Mac/Linux or PowerShell for Windows:

Run this command

ssh [email protected](your ip address)

Then type “Y”

Copy and paste the password received from email

Change your password

Then you’re connected to your server


I ultimately decided to stake with Constant instead… Easier to have liquidity on short notice and still a decent return :wink:

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With Digital Ocean, Add more volume to increase Droplet Disk is not a good idea when running Incognito node. I advise that we should buy a Droplet with big storage to use for a long time. Another idea is that you guy can get big Droplet and run many nodes on the same Droplet, this way can save cost more than


Hey how could you run multiple stakes on one droplet? Would that mean running it on multiple ports? Any tutorial?

Hi @palumboe1

Follow this topic and its comment to know how to do that

1/ Understanding how to change port in file
2/ Start many files in the same server

That’s all