How to launch and connect your AWS Instance

1. Log in your AWS account

Register an account if you don’t have one already.

2. On top left bar, choose Services > Compute> EC2

3. Launch Instance

4. Choose Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (HVM), SSD Volume Type

Either x86 or Arm is fine


5. Choose instance type "t3a.xlarge"


Click “Next: Configure Instance Details” at the bottom right of the page

Nothing to change here, so click “Next: Add Storage”

6. Change size Gib into 120


Click Add Tag. There’s nothing to add here so click Next: Configure Security Group

7. Click "Add Rule"

Please add the following 3 ports: TCP 9334, TCP 9433, TCP 8545.
To add, please click “Add Rule”, then:

  • For Type, select “Custom TCP Rule”
  • Input port number: 9334, 9433, 8545
  • For Source, Anywhere


Then click “Review and Launch”

8. Download Key Pair

In the pop-up window, please select “Create a new key pair” and then enter a name that you like, for example, “incognitokey”.

Click “Download Key Pair” and save it somewhere safe.

Click “Launch Instances”.

Click “View Instances”

9. Connect to instance

Right click at the Running status, then select “Connect”

Follow the step in the screenshot

  • Open SSH client
  • Local you Key File at Step 8
  • this command: chmod 400 (eg: chmod 400 incogintokey.pem)

After that run this command:

ssh -i "file" [email protected]

This is the IP address to run your Virtual Node


I’m likely going to change from AWS asap because it’s definitely way to expensive, but I set it up according to this thread.

I’m set up with the T3a.xlarge, is it possible to run it with a smaller instance type. It seems like that’s why it’s so much more expensive than the other servers, but I’m not sure.

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Further to this post, I see that a few of the leading virtual server providers do offer ‘free’ versions albeit limited in spec.

No idea if this is possible, but could the current node requirement be further optimised to cater for these? The community would then have mass adoption very quickly I imagine!

If such a code base was established it would also open up the possibility of SBC’s being used. Again further driving much greater adoption.

Maybe this is an area that requires greater attention?


How do I set up a virtual node, AWS for example… which is best, Ocean??. google cloud seems to have stopped the 1 yr free, 300 credit, and instead only offers 90 days 300 credit.

AWS seems to maintain the 12 mo free.


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I guess asking the question evidences that might be over my head…

Ill check it out, thnxs.


Haha it felt over my head, but it’s not as hard as it seems. I set up through contabo after Amazon, bc one month in amazon was costing way to much.

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Thanks for your sharing, very helpful for the first time i try this

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I used Vultr but always disconnect with my node, maybe will try AWS for next month, thanks for this tutorial