How to host a Virtual Node

just to clarify: why do you suggest The Digital Ocean vps for the common use? Does not setting up nodes on the one provider affect decentralization?

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Digital Ocean is easy to start and provide a stable hosting service. If you have enough technical knowledge, feel free to use AWS, Vultr, Linode, and other ways to run the Node.


What we have seen in the passed months is a lot of people with zero knowledge of linux or server management wanting to run a Node Virtual. These people are very welcome, but need a lot of guidance. To help them, tutorials were created. It is impossible to create one for every service out there.

We hope people will find a good host in their own country once they are more familiar with how things works. Some countries have great options at a reasonable price.


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Are you sure about needing 500GB ssd I was using 100GB of SSD for a single node… On digital ocean I am using 160gb SSD for 2 nodes. But I just added another 100GB SSD after reading this so I am at
8 GB Ram

Will this work?

@palumboe1, when Incognito chain first launch, it consumes a lot of storage, that why i say 500GB in another post.

Recently we archived this Reduce Blockchain size by 50% which significantly reduce our fullnode from 300GB storage to 12GB

I definitely believe your setup will work


You could even run multiple nodes with that spec


Hi I’m trying to setup my second vNode on a vserver but I’m not so hot with Linux.
Do I need to edit anything other than the key in your sample file or can I just run it.

Hi @Jay_P,

Edit the key then run; paste your config here so we can review.

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Hi Khanhj
I’ve managed to run the file and everything seems ok but it says fix in the app.
The docker looks like its running and Ive opened the ports, any other idea’s.
Thanks Jay

the incognito container looking good on your vps. On app, remove the old one, add new including your node ip:port.
For example:
Node1: your_vps_public_ip_address:9334
Node2: your_vps_public_ip_address:9335

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No it’s not working, I don’t understand what the problem is.
How many folders should be in the second node I’ve got and data_2 is that right.
Also I’ve opened ports 9334,9433,9335,9434,8545,8546 is there any others that are used.
Thanks Jay

ping me on telegram: khanhj
i need to see your file
this tool will be helpful for those who need to check their ports open or not

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Port problems with second node?

First of all I need to say a big thanks to Khanh who spent about 2 and a half hours helping me this morning, I couldn’t have done it without you.

My Linux and server skills are quite poor and I normally have to do loads of reading before I brake everything and then eventually fix it.

So the time has come around to start my second node so I ran Khanh’s file with my validation key added.
All seemed well when I ran “sudo docker ps” from the Linux command line.
But when I added the new server into the Incognito app “server ip:9335” instead of saying Stake it said Fix meaning its not working.
So after trying a few different things Khanh tested my port “9335” to find it was not allowing any data through.
I logged into Plesk on my server and found the firewall settings.
I added all the ports “9433,9434,9334,9335,8545,8546” but still nothing, I just couldn’t understand it.
Then Khanh sent me a link to Ionos firewall settings and I found that the firewall had to be altered in the Ionos User Dashboard under Network not in the Plesk software that comes with Ionos.
Once the ports were added to the firewall I went back to the Incognito app and was happy to see the Stake button.

It’s things like this that stump inexperienced people like me for hours or even days.
But by sharing my experience I hope it will help others.

Thanks again to Khanh who is in quality control not tech support for giving me his time.

My server is with Ionos 1&1 they offer 4 cores, 8gb mem and 160gb ssd for £1 per month for 6 months and then it’s £30pm.


Virtual nodes require you to stake $1500 :man_shrugging:


@JDTrades Welcome! Trust me, it’s worth it ! We will change this world for the better together!


Hi @annie, this is a great article and nice of you to provide all the screenshots step-by-step. I am relatively new to the incognito community and I would like to run a node on my Windows 10 Pro 64bit server.

I heard in a recent update by @andrey that a new mobile app User Interface was released. I can’t seem to find my “Validator Key” in the mobile app.

Can you please outline where I have to go in the new app?

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Hi @Linnovations Let me help you with that. Within the mobile app under the more section there is an option that says Keychain.

Inside the Keychain option you will find a list of different keychains, choose the one that would be your validator keychain and click the key icon on the right hand side.

Inside said menu you will find a list of all your keys incluiding validator key.

I have erased my keys but this is where you will find your validator key.

Hope that covers your concern.

If you need a hand setting up your Vnode, feel free to pm me and i will help.


Hey @annie, will you be updating this post with screenshots from the new Incognito mobile app?

Hi @annie and @Chucky or anyone else…
Can someone please confirm if this tiny Mini PC (that fits in the palm of your hand) meets the specs for running an incognito virtual node -