How to go from FIAT to PRV

Buying PRV and any other crypto means (95% of the time) that first you have to exchange your ( Worthless :sweat_smile: ) FIAT money for the Absolute Crypto-King. Of course i’m talking about Bitcoin - BTC.

Here is some ways i am buying Bitcoin so i can then transfer them to Incognito Wallet and exchange it for PRV.

All the 3 cases need KYC , So if you don’t like KYC then this isn’t your type of Topic

This is not an official guide or something but the steps i am following to do that.If you like it you can use my referral links to use or just click the simple links.

1st Case

KuCoin is my favorite exchange ( yeah i know you don’t care ) , but currently offers 0% Transaction fees to buy Crypto till May 7 2020 through Banxa.

You can use SEPA Transfers or Credit Card

Simple ( No Fun at all ) Link :
Referral Link :

2nd Case

SwissBorg Wealth App is a new wealth management app that uses an Engine to find the cheaper price to buy BTC every moment. The fee is 2% for the simple user or 0% if you stake some CHSB Coins.

Currently Supports SEPA Transfers

See more here :

I Don’t have a referr al for this ( i feel sorry for me :frowning: )

3rd Case

Coinbase PRO is offering 0% Buying fees but you have to make SEPA Transfer first

You have to register first on Coinbase

Simple Boring Link again :

Referral link ( If you spend 100$ you get 10$ ) :

More ways coming soon!!!