How to fully stake pnode?

Is there some kind of guide that explains step by step the process to transition from a pnode partially staked by Incognito to a pnode fully staked by myself (also, is that even possible? I don’t have means/time to set up a vnode right now)? It would have to be really basic- I’m not a developer and I have zero linux experience, and I’ve never quite understood the mechanics of the incognito blockchain (shards, epocs, etc). Thanks!

Hello @Trevuchet,

This is fairly easy and straightforward. Do the following.

  1. Make sure your pNode is unstaked. You can send a message to @Support with your pNode QR code and we can check this for you.

  2. Make a new wallet on your Incognito app. Name it whatever you want (I’d suggest Node 1).

  3. Send 1750.001 PRV to this wallet.

  4. Go to Keychains in the app by clicking More > Keychains. Tap on the new wallet key for Node 1. Copy your Validator Key as you will need it in a second.

  5. Access your pNode’s dashboard by going to the IP address followed by the port 5000 on any browser (For example, You can find your pNode’s IP address in the app and/or on your router’s dashboard.

  6. There you will find a tab at the top labeled Validator Key or something equivalent. Here you will input your QR Code (found on the bottom of your pNode) and your new Validator Key. Click submit about ~10 minutes later your node should be switched over.

  7. Click More > Power in the Incognito app, swipe left, and remove the pNode. Tap to add a new node in the top right of the app. Here you will set up a vNode and add your node’s IP address and port 9334 (example:

  8. After adding a blue button will come up with the text STAKE. Click this button.

  9. That’s it, enjoy your pNode now turned vNode. :partying_face:

Side Note: Self-staking your pNode can not be undone. Once you have self-staked you will no longer be able to return to a funded stake by Incognito.


Thank you- I really appreciate the step-by-step instructions. So this officially turns a pnode into a vnode then- just a vnode that uses the pnode’s hardware?

pNodes and vNodes are the same thing. One runs on dedicated hardware the other runs on any hardware. Technically speaking you will be running a self-staked pNode and not a vNode.

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