How to convert old coins to new wallet

An year ago, I stake some coins on incognito but android couldn’t run smoothly.
so I deleted app, but keep all key info.
Recently I have an ipad, so install it back, but all staking and coins are not shown.
I think it’s because I didn’t update all along, what should i do to get back all my staking?

Hello @yachun-noah,

Please go into settings and click Convert v1 Coins to v2 and then you should be able to see everything normally.

Thank you Jared, but it shows “trade some coins to send, receive and hold it anonymously.”
meaning I should sent some coin to able to get my old coins converted?

Please use the faucet under More to get some initial v2 PRV.

Hi Jared, thank you for your help. I may need more help.
After I managed to get some prv from faucet.
“convert v1 coins to v2” under setting still empty, is it possible my staking was older than v1 version?

Please ensure that you have restored all of your wallets and run the convert on each one.