How to check your Virtual Node

There is no problem. inc_mainnet & eth_mainnet are preconditions. New data comes with no inc_logshipper image.


Another question about the virtual node…

If the node is not reaching full block height, does that mean that it wont be considered as a validator? For some reason both of my my nodes hosted by GoogleCloud are not reaching full block height, although both appear to be connected when I check. One has even earned but not sure how.

Fully synced with the beacon height is the requirement. You might have validator’s rewards in this case because the 2/3 mechanism is working. I think you need to restart the Nodes. Please pm me your Node’s IP addresses to check first.


Question… I am moving a validator key from one IP to another.

I am wondering to what extent I need to go to stop or delete the data from the old node?

Right now, both IP addresses have the node running from one validator key. How is that even possible and what could that result in? Surely both nodes can’t run at the same time with the same validator key?

Hi Mike,

These are the commands to remove the data from the server:
rm -rfv data

ps -ef | grep

kill -9

docker stop $(docker ps -aq)

docker system prune -a

However, when you delete the server in the VPS, all the data will be gone, too.
About your 2nd concern, it incurs in duplicating the data. As using the same validator key (both server A and server B), you will get identical rewards in the app. When you withdraw the earnings in server A, the earnings in server B will disappear too.


I had to restart my nodes to connect them to a UPS. Its been over 24hrs, and it doesn’t look like the nodes are updating their Beacon Chain Height. Both nodes have been in committees prior to this change, but right now they are stuck on Block 302,869 and the Beacon Chain is 304.572 with all Shards being between 303,614- 306,381. Is this normal, or do I need to do something to get it syncing again after the restart?

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Did you try to install completely new after removing the data?

I just shut down the vNodes and plugged them back in and restarted… I didn’t change machines, just hooked them up to a UPS (uninterruptible power supply)… I just don’t think they started back up properly

If it is a vNode, let’s remove the data, kill the process, stop the docker. And install it newly again. The commands to use are mentioned above.

Ok, I removed the data and restarted the script… The commands you had listed above didn’t quite work for me, but I was able to get it done… but in case others need to do this.

All docker commands needed sudo permissions

caused an error

I broke this down into two steps:

did the docker ps -aq first, then did docker stop on the results manually.

Then started the run script using sudo bash, which now shows both nodes syncing blocks


DOes this look normal? RUnning two vnodes

90931d9da7e8 inc_mainnet_2 0.16% 216.6MiB / 7.79GiB 2.71% 892MB / 149MB 0B / 0B 17
eba063e416d6 inc_mainnet 0.18% 217.1MiB / 7.79GiB 2.72% 1.32GB / 217MB 0B / 0B 17
0c2d5bb172f3 eth_mainnet 1.20% 96.75MiB / 7.79GiB 1.21% 2.86GB / 2.22GB 0B / 0B 44

Looks normal to me

Hi @Jamie ,

Any tips for a Linux newbie on how to check firewall settings to see if ports are open/closed?

I believe things are running fine on my PC, here are my docker stats…

33486265caef inc_mainnet 45.76% 512.7MiB / 14.24GiB 3.52% 429MB / 5.71MB 67.1MB / 185GB 15
f8fca2faa9db eth_mainnet 0.38% 103.7MiB / 14.24GiB 0.71% 630MB / 54.9MB 40.1MB / 5.24GB 39

I suspect ports 9334 and/or 9335 (are the default ports I need open to run an Incognito node) are blocked on my PC.

I need to figure out how to open these ports, are you able to assist?

Excellent Tips @Jamie, these came in super handy when I was building and testing my Incognito Virtual Node.

I incorporated some of your tips in my post below :-
Step-by-Step: How I built my Virtual Node on the World’s Smallest Mini PC ($170 USD)

Thanks heaps for all your help.

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Hey @doc, I am still relatively new to Linux and I have successfully deployed my vNode a few months ago (thanks for your help along the way).
What command or website/tool did you use to check the Block height of your vNode?
Thanks in advance.

use this command in your terminal (change your IP and port to match your vNode):

curl '' --data-binary '{"jsonrpc":"1.0","method":"getmininginfo","params":"","id":1}'

In the response you should see a json with BeaconHeight


Thanks so much @doc.
Are there any other useful Linux Command Lines that I should be aware of to check on (or troubleshoot) my vNode?

Here are some links with useful RPC commands into nodes:

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@Linnovations … An update for you, @Ducky made request to developers to add these RPC calls to the documentation, so you can now find them here:


Thanks the the update @doc.

Thanks @Ducky for getting these added.

I’ve been using the “getmininginfo” on my vNode and the RPC is returning a “BeaconHeight” value. I then check to see a match with the most recent block on the Incognito block explorer.

This seem to work as I do find a match.
However, is this all that is needed to confirm my node in mining on the correct chain?

To my knowledge, don’t I need to also find a match on a few other elements of a block such as:

  1. Block Hash
  2. Shard

Is there an RPC that shows me the Hash and Shard values for the corresponding BlockHeight?