How to buy & sell crypto anonymously

In this instruction I’ll show you how to buy and sell crypto anonymously with Incognito pDEX.

Feel free to skip some of the steps if you are advanced user

Step 1. Open your Incognito wallet to access the pDEX

Don’t have a wallet yet?


Step 2. Shield a stable coin (USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, etc)

2.1 Choose a stable coin you would like to shield and copy wallet address. In our case it’s USDT

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Copy wallet address and send USDT to this address

52eb662b8058c0b6ae9b3899df475aebbb5b01ec copy

2.2 Send USDT from ethereum wallet address to the address on Incognito wallet.


Click send and make sure that the transaction is successful.


Step 3. Buy PRV anonymously

Choose a pair you would like to trade. Toke on the top - you give, token below - you get.
52eb662b8058c0b6ae9b3899df475aebbb5b01ec copy 2

Choose amount, click “Preview your order”. Double check all your trading details on confirmation page and click “Confirm”.

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Done. In couple of seconds your trade will be executed.