How to buy Node device with PRV

Privacy for eCommerce is one of the many uses of PRV. You can already use it to buy teched-out office furniture from Autonomous, and we’re working to expand the number of places you can pay with PRV.

You can buy Node with PRV or other crypto in just a few easy steps.

But first, you’ll need the Incognito app. You can get it here:


Don’t have PRV? Get some here.

How to Buy Node:

Now that you have your PRV, you can confidentially purchase your Node!

1. Click “Buy Node”

From the home screen, click “Buy Node”.

2. Choose quantity and payment method

Choose how many Nodes you’d like. Then, choose PRV as your payment method, and select the account that contains your funds. Then, click “Continue to payment”.

Note: The number (1,000) next to your payment method is the balance of your account, not the cost of Node.

3. Enter your shipping info

Enter your shipping info (which will remain confidential), and click “Complete your order”.

(For international shipments you must enter your phone number.)

4. Click “Send”

After verifying the amount and the transaction fee, click “Send” to confirm your order.

5. Success!

You’ll soon receive a confirmation email and a tracking number with instructions to stay informed about your Node delivery.

Congratulations! You’re now a proud owner of a Node, and are about to start powering privacy for the world, earning crypto as you do.

Thank you.


Autonomous? Who, what??

If there are places we can purchase things with our PRV/any crypto, please list them on a new tab or something called “E-commerce” or something with a quick and easy link! :blush:


We’re actually writing about that now! I’ll link it as soon as it’s live. In the meantime, you can check out
There’s not a lot of places to pay with PRV now, but we are looking for ways to integrate PRV payments with other payment gateways. We’ll definitely keep it updated.


Update: Here’s the post on Autonomous: How to pay anonymously at

Hopefully more to come soon!

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Thanks for information. I will it soon. :heart_eyes: