How to auto re-invest PRV provider reward


Is there a way to auto re-invest PRV provider rewards? I can withdraw the reward but dont know if there is a setting allowing me auto re-invest any Provider Rewards


Hey! PRV provider rewards are automatically compounded every 15 minutes. So you dont need to remove and re-provide, it does it automatically. If you click the i (information icon) on the Provide tab you will see it states this. image

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I had some PRV in the pstake area, and some in the node area. I didn’t like having two separate spots earning, so I just withdrew everything from pstake and sent it to my node wallet so that when my node withdraws its all right there in one area.
This doesn’t have to do directly with auto-reinvesting, but thought you might want to know about it if you didn’t already!


Hi Chucky, I appreciate the language that you highlighted. However, I believe the language under “Total Rewards Program”, directly contradicts it. That language says, “If you wish to reinvest your rewards, simply add it to the pool again.” This makes is sound like rewards are not automatically reinvested, and instead require withdrawal and restaking.

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hey, apologies for the unclear wording. we’ll be tweaking it in the upcoming release. here’s a breakdown:

  1. all currencies compound per currency. for example, BTC rewards are re-invested automatically to the BTC balance, and rewards are calculated and compounded according to corresponding prices, every 15 minutes.

  2. the big number you see is your total PRV rewards across all currencies, which are compounding per currency.

  3. in situations where the user has only provided PRV, there is no need to withdraw and re-invest, as that is already done automatically.

  4. however, if a user has provided currencies other than PRV, they may wish to withdraw PRV rewards from those currencies to add to the PRV provision part. It would then no longer be re-invested for that currency, say BTC. This means APYs would then shift, as the principal amount also changes. This is a user choice, and is not automatic for now.

hope that helps!


To add to this, I’ve got more than enough now to fully stake on my pnode, how would I load up my node or is it only withdraw?

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Pool/provide goes towards liquidity for the DEX, and is a separate product which replaces Node Pool.

To self-stake your Node, you’d have to withdraw from Pool and move funds over to the associated Node keychain. I believe @peter will be able to assist you with this.


To stake your pNode with own PRV you can do the following:

  • withdraw the current node earnings
  • once that has finished, unstake the funded PRV
    this may take a while, you need an earning cycle before unstaking will happen
  • After unstaking has been processed, a “Stake” button will show up on the Node tab. Make sure you have 1750 PRV (+fee) in the account assigned to your node, and hit that “Stake” button.
  • That is it

Note: Do not unstake funded stake “for fun”, “to see how it works”. Re-enabling it is a manual process and can take a while.


Do you technically earn more through the pool or the pnode?

The pnode “rented” (if you just buy it normally and set it up) will earn 35% when it is selected to earn.

If you fully fund your own pnode after purchasing it, you’ll earn 100% of the rewards when it is selected to earn.

The “provide” section right now allows you to earn 37% APY on PRV bought right now.

All earnings are random, but from my node, since mid-January my node has paid itself off to the tune of about 87%. Anything I earn i reinvest in the provide section to optimize my return.

Hope that helps!


It depends. @PR_Armstrong
Jerry_Watson gave a good personal experience, though :+1: