How long will I receive the first PRV

Hello, would like to ask average how long will it take to receive my first PRV from pnode? I had installed the pnode for 4 days already.

If I am not mistaken the average chance to be chosen on a daily basis is around 7% currently. It‘s random though and your node could be selected twice within a week or not at all for a month or more. Longest „non warning streak“ is around 60 days or something… I think 1-2 a month is pretty much normal with around 2500 nodes on the network.


Hello @Patrick_Yu, welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

Scooter was right, your node will get rewards after it is selected. But the selection is entirely random. You can read more about it here: The Algorithm of Probability for Node Selection


Thanks Peter and scooter reply. Seems I should patiently wait for my reward lol


It helps to monitor your node with Nitobot on telegram. It will inform you when your node is picked, when it earns, when it waits and you can check your node status. Just type Nito into search to find it.

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What is Nito bot? It tracks your nodes?

Yes. I am using Ensi, same thing:

Start a chat in telegram with: @ENSI_Incognito_bot

It will give you a dialogue where you enter the public (!) key of the keychain connected with your node. As soon as your node is chosen you will receive a notification. Pretty handy…


So, as a newbie, do I have this right–pNode $400USD, stake, (currently) around $3500USD, stake provides liquidity, so it’s “locked”, time to recoup investment grows larger the more nodes are added.

pNodes are staked with funded stake automatically by default.
when you buy a pNode ($400 + shipping + import taxes) you are good to go without further investment.

For a node you stake yourself, this can be a vNode or pNode, you need to have 1750 PRV.

The stake used for Nodes, does not relate to liquidity, it is just PRV that is locked up to turn your Node into an active Node in the network.

An Unstaking request is processed after the Node’s next earning cycle has ended. Since selection is random, this can take a while. Waiting time will likely increase when more Nodes get online.

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Ah, I thought the 1750 PRV was mandatory, and that the node wouldn’t work without it. Thanks! :+1:t4:

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the 1750 PRV IS mandatory, but it is provided from a fund when you buy a pNode.

It does mean you get 35% of the earnings, while the fund gets the remaining 65%

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Thanks, Jamie!

Eventually I received 3 times of prv transaction with around 3.4prc per transaction so total add up around 10 prv :+1::+1:. Now the pnode back to waiting status, that means I should wait the next random pick up, correct? How much prv will I average get per month? Still Around 33prv as the price already rise above $2?

The reward does not depend on the price of the coin. The reward per epoch is the same for 12months. It will be reduce by 10% each year. Last time was it November for the first anniversary of Incognito!

Your node is back to waiting. Yes next step is the next random pick up. The chance to be picked up depends on the number of validator (number of nodes) on the Incognito Chain. Right now there are 2540 nodes.

Usually your node stay in committee for two or three epochs.

If you want to see some statistics you can read this post. As you have a pre staked pNode you will earn “only” 35% of those average.