How long from successful unshield to showing on BTC blockchain?

Is there a typical timeframe for time between an unshield of BTC showing as “success” in Incognito wallet to when it can be viewed on the Bitcoin blockchain?

I’m interested in tracking the progress. I can see the details in the, but I’m curious if there is a way to follow from there to the BTC chain, as there’s nothing showing there.

Thanks for your response!
Typically it takes about an hour from pending to succeed.
I’ve never had any issues with any of my transactions until now
The funds are gone from my wallet but there’s no confirmation or TxID

I wasn’t responding to anything, and my question was not about time from pending to succeed.

I asked about time from succeed in Incognito to visibility on the BTC blockchain.

My bad, sorry for the confusion

Followup for anyone looking for the same answer:

For this transaction it showed as successful in Incognito seemingly almost immediately, definitely within minutes. From there it took a little under an hour to go from “success” to visible on the BTC blockchain.

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