How long does it take for my new Node to arrive?

Hi I’m new here, I recently purchased a node and I’m curious on how long it takes from the time order is accepted till arrives at my house.


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Assuming you are in the US, looks like a little over a week on average.


Who can I contact to ask about the status of my node delivery.

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[Talking in PM]

Orders can be checked here as well:


Still waiting for my node. Still pending? Why? I expected delivery in April or May.
I messaged Peter. Wait reply. Jan 13th will be 1 year since payment.

Hello @HankThered,

pNode production was halted. If you did not receive the pNode that you paid for you should have received an email to arrange a refund. Please read over the following post:

I purchased Jan 13th. Still not recieved a node or refund. Node order status still pending.

Okay I forwarded your support ticket to a dev. They will reply soon.

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Thank you