How do I make a cold wallet? CLI options unavailable

Hi there,

I downloaded the windows binary from the github releases. I don’t see most of the options from the readme. I only see these options:

help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command
balance check the balance of an account
consolidate, csl consolidate UTXOs of an account
history, hst retrieve the history of an account
keyinfo print all related-keys of a private key
utxo print the UTXOs of an account

–host value custom full-node host
–network value, --net value network environment (mainnet, testnet, testnet1, devnet, local, custom) (default: “mainnet”)
–help, -h show help (default: false)
–version, -v print the version (default: false)

How do I access the bridge, committee, dex and transaction options?

I want to create an offline cold wallet.

Thank you

Here is the main screen.

   incognito-cli - A simple CLI application for the Incognito network

   cli [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


   A simple CLI application for the Incognito network. With this tool, you can run some basic functions on your computer to interact with the Incognito network such as checking balances, transferring PRV or tokens, consolidating and converting your UTXOs, transferring tokens, manipulating with the pDEX, shielding or un-shielding ETH/BNB/ERC20/BEP20, etc.

   Incognito Devs Team

   help, h  Shows a list of commands or help for one command
     account, acc  Manage an Incognito account.
     evm     Perform an EVM action (e.g, shield, unshield, etc.).
     portal  Perform a portal action (e.g, shield, unshield, etc.).
     checkrewards    Get all rewards of a payment address.
     stake           Create a staking transaction (
     unstake         Create an un-staking transaction (
     withdrawreward  Withdraw the reward of a privateKey w.r.t to a tokenID.
     pdeaction  Perform a pDEX action.
     pdeinfo    Retrieve pDEX information.
     pdestatus  Retrieve the status of a pDEX action.
     checkreceiver  Check if an OTA key is a receiver of a transaction.
     convert        Convert UTXOs of an account w.r.t a tokenID.
     send           Send an amount of PRV or token from one wallet to another wallet.

   --debug value, -d value                     Whether to enable the debug mode (0 - disabled, <> 0 - enabled) (default: 0)
   --host network                              Custom full-node host. This flag is combined with the network flag to initialize the environment in which the custom host points to.
   --network value, --net value                Network environment (mainnet, testnet, testnet1, local) (default: "mainnet")
   --utxoCache value, -c value, --cache value  Whether to use the UTXO cache (0 - disabled, <> 0 - enabled). See for more information. (default: 0)
   --help, -h                                  show help (default: false)
   --version, -v                               print the version (default: false)

   This tool is developed and maintained by the Incognito Devs Team. It is free for anyone. However, any commercial usages should be acknowledged by the Incognito Devs Team.

Try incognito-cli pdeaction, incognito-cli pdeinfo, incognito-cli pdestatus, incognito-cli checkrewards, etc,. May I ask which version did you download? Here is the latest version.

Not possible at the moment.


The help screen does not have all those options for me. Only the ones I posted above. Again I downloaded the precompiled binary, I did not build it from source.

May I know which version you downloaded? And on which OS?