How do I add a uniswap token using the contract address?

Normally on uniswap I can look up a token by it’s contract address. Is there a way to do this on incognito?


This would be really useful as we are getting more and more unconfirmed tokens.


it would be really nice to have it. On uniswap i do only like that to avoid scams.
As we grow bigger that could be really usefull.


The information is available but not searchable.
When you click Assets -> Coin of your choice
there is a small “i” next to the coin name at the top of the screen
tapping that will show the details of the coin.


Found it, thanks Jamie.

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I vote that this be added to the app as a function

Hi @JakeySnakey it´s look that it is already there :blush: Please check out the answer from Jamie in this thread

In assets, at the bottom you can click add a coin. At the bottom of that there is an option to add a coin manually. If you pick ERC-20 token and put in the contract id, it gets added to your assets list. Once the token is in your assets list, the token shows up as an option in the trade tab. Your then able to trade the token on uniswap.


I’ve done this but the coins I add dont show up as tradeable in the trade tab. Am I missing something?

I’m not sure, whenever I add a coin to my assets list, it’s usually tradeable. Even very obscure ones.

But maybe this is the reason: pUniswap and pKyber paused for improvements


I’ve never been able to get obscure tokens to show up in the trade tab after adding them in the assets tab. Am I missing something?

As long as your not trading for PRV, and the coin is available on uniswap then it should appear. I’m not quite sure what the problem could be.

Hey @Brakley, pUniswap is currently paused while we work out some kinks. Those tokens will not appear in the trade tab because trading on uniswap pools has been temporarily disabled.


I guess that’s it. Any update when it will be back?