How can I use PRV?

I like this concept but I’ll admit I do not understand it. I understand how I gain prv, the discreet transactions, mining and stuff. However, how could I use this as currency? Forgive me if this is a dumb question but I really do not know. Thanks in advance to whoever can explain this.


Right now it is used as a privacy block chain. So if you wanted to hold or receive crypto without it being known you could do it in the app and not with just PRV.

You are also building the platform for more to come buy investing and buying PRV

This is just one thing PRV can do, someone else can add a lot more

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Makes sense! Hopefully down the line we will be able to use it.

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The privacy movement which is what Incognito is all about adds privacy mode to existing cryptocurrency. Not all coins are supported yet, but we have many covered already.

PRV is just the coin used on our chain, it is not the focus of the project.
PRV is earned from/ used for running a Node (Virtual) or joining the Node Pool, or adding liquidity to pDEX (our privacy exchange).

The focus is on making it possible to trade, send, receive, and stake cryptocurrency anonymously.

For example, in our network we transfer the privacy version of a BTC, as pBTC. When you move the cryptocurrency out of our network it will convert to BTC again.

There is a lot to take in to get an idea of the whole project, take it one step at a time.